Tuesday, 31 May 2016

Two digit addition

I have learnt how to add double digit numbers
I have been learning how to add numbers together to make a number 

Monday, 30 May 2016

Indian new year of the goddess Lakshmi

The Indian new year
calibrates the Indian cloture new year that when time comes for the goddess femail  Lakshmi
The Indian people calibrate by making a patterned mat made out of Sand,Rice Flour
this represents the Indian new year.

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There was a lady who   was going to sent and email to her parents  to let them know about and event
in India a festival of fun and wealth this is and event called Indian new year   its when this girl enjoys having a fun time over seas in India this was and event of a lifetime for visitors to have people with family and friends together and calibrate with special Indian food  and dressed up in these dresses made out of scarths
Candles of indian new year
Diwali is calibrated as the cowmen wealth of the goddess of India lighted as the candles go up!
it is well known as the Lakshmi
god of happiness. 
This is a new year when everybody 
Image result for The mat of india new yearscalibrates the indian party 
Fun and raise all candles to the god who 
Image result for goddess lakshmiloved people having fun at new years eve.

This country is well presented
                                                                            with Animals like Elephants
Image result for indian new year greetings                                                                             Monkeys and Tigers.

<The indian new year greetings 
Greetings India we wish you a happy 
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                  new year 
New year information 
The indian tells you about the time of a    new year coming up is that the people calibrate each           person in                                                                 there family