Friday, 23 September 2016

The ghost narrative

The ghost house
One day on a farm there was a child name
James & his dad & mum Anthony and Kyle
They were gardening a plant in the garden when a black cloud rises above there house it began raining and  
Soon james saw something beside the farmhouse it was scary because james didn’t know what it was he got scared & ran to his mum & dad “Mum Dad said james i saw a ghost beside the farmhouse
It looked scary but his mum & dad didn’t believe him they said “If you joke us again we will lock you in the room for the first time.
Then lunch time came it was very warm outside because there were butterflies & bees buzzing all around james & mum & dad but james had a head stroke & then he saw a ghost again “ said James i told you mum & dad there is ghost in the house “what do you mean said mum & dad “i mean that there is a hornter  in the house we need to leave right now before we have a problem.
Then when night time rose the sky grew dark & James got scared & it was 12:0 clock pm Jame hidden under his bed.
Booooo”said a voice “hello is there anybody in my room James got a fright it was his cat popcorn.
The  ghost  creeped into james room!!!
When james was still asleep the ghost had woken him up Boohoo “ahhhhhh  yelled James stepped away from the ghost  until it was the end of the world
The end
ghost book

Image result for the ghost bookThis book is called the ghost of black hawk island this is a very interesting book because it has a boy who goes out with his friend to a travel express they were going to a outdoor forest meeting but that night they discovered the secret of the hidden ghosts.

Monday, 19 September 2016

Maths studyladder

Today i have been onto study ladder maths can do.

Summering the main idea

Character Trait
LI- To infer information about characters in a story

Character Trait.png

Now it’s your turn. Complete on Nick and then one other character of your choice from the Story Dragon’s Egg.

is a brave & a clever boy in the story dragon’s egg  
A Characteristic of fairness is a boy that finds out about the dragon’s egg. An example of this is one day he come home & then finds an egg in a box.

also shows that he shows his sister the egg when he tricks mum & sister.

To summaries the story of is a story about nick & the dragon’s egg.

LI: to choose addition or subtraction to solve word problems.

Today i manege to get my maths skill DLO finish i had to complete my task on study ladder
and answer the questions.

Friday, 16 September 2016

Tables master

Today i went onto tables master transum.

Addition maths skills

Today i have completed my DLO on maths addition skills.
My LI:Is to solve word problems using addition.

Thursday, 15 September 2016

Transum:can do

Today i have been on to transum i did my level 1 takeaways and now got 5 to phys.

Monday, 12 September 2016

Basic Addition 1

Today I have been learning my basic addition on transum.

Time Tables

My learning intention is to solve word problems using additions.
Basic facts and using word solving and helping me learn.

Transum: Basic hard addition

Today on transum i did level 3 i completed the third hard's level that i did.
it was really hard.

Transum: basic hard additions

Today i went onto transum basic facts additions i clicked level 2 to start with.
This level of basic additions was hard because the first one i didn't get right but i tried 
correcting it again.
And then i got it correct,.

Transum:Basic Additions

Today i went onto transum i went onto basic addition facts I started off with the easy one and then 
hard one I use basic addition facts to get the easy ones wright my results are for 
completing addition was my learning Attention 
was to solve word problems using addition.

Friday, 9 September 2016

Addition maths DLO

Today i made a DLO I screenshot my learning Anton on Study ladder and import it on my goggle drawing.
My LI: Is to solve word problems using addition.  
My blog post includes show how to use the skill you practiced and how you did it.
The DLO was to Identify Maths skill:.


Today i have completed a game on transum called bidmaze in this game i had to equal a number if i can get the same i will win.

Transum:car park

Today i went onto transum and clicked the car park game i completed this in 1 minute it was level 1 i had to to do.

Thursday, 8 September 2016

Car park Game:Transum

Today i played car park maths in this game i had to park all 11 cars for my car to take exit
I completed level one.
In Level 2 i didn't get the car park right enough space for my car to go.

Friday, 2 September 2016

Maths Quiz

today i have published my goggle drawing on Maths Quiz?.

Elephant information report

today i  have made a slide on elephant information report.

find draw animate act

Today i have done a slide on find,draw,animate,act we had to find information about what picture we chose.