Wednesday, 26 October 2016

General knowledge

This is my new slide show that i will put on my blog this slide show is called general knowledge about Spain i am learning how to speak Spanish and learning about there country i will wide world how they can speak this language.
Also i was learning about Spanish foods and places that Spanish people like to hangout.
Also i made a video for this presentation.

Thursday, 20 October 2016

today i am writing about billy jimbob it is a story about a boy who builds a spaceship
and goes with his friend and flies to space then they land on the moon.
I had to put in the questions that  my teacher had sent to me for my task.
Then i had to do the charterer trait summery chart.
I had to make a slide on what this story was about.

Wednesday, 19 October 2016

Migration document

Migration poster i have made a slide and i explained what migration was about.

5 times tables

Five Times Tables

Try the following five times tables quiz:
2 × 5 =
5 × 5 =
10 × 5 =
6 × 5 =
9 × 5 =
7 × 5 =
8 × 5 =
4 × 5 =
Today i went onto five times tables for my maths this website is called maths is fun.
LI: To identify Multiplication word problems and solve using times tables. 

Billy jimbob story

Today i made a slide on billy jimbob I had to put in Questions and answer's.
In the story billy and his friend fly off in a space ship to the moon.

Friday, 14 October 2016

Ten Times tables

Today i did my 10 times tables i used multiplication to identify times tables. 

Edited Narrative

haunted night.
The ghost house
One day on a farm there was a child name
James & his Dad & Mum Anthony and Kyle.

They were gardening a plant in the garden. Suddenly a big dark  cloud rises above there house.
 It began raining
Soon James saw something beside the farmhouse it was scary because james didn’t know what it was he got scared & ran to his Mum & Dad “Mum Dad said James i saw a Ghost beside the farmhouse”.

It looked very scary But Mum & Dad didn’t believe him they said “If you joke us again we will lock you in the room for the first time.

Then Lunch Time came it was very warm outside because there were butterflies & bees buzzing all around James & Mum & Dad Looked & saw that James had a head stroke.
& then he saw a ghost again “ahhhhhhhh screamed James i told you Mum & Dad there is ghost in the house.

“what do you mean said Mum & Dad “i mean that there is a hornter  in the house we need to leave right now before we have a problem.
Then when night time rose the sky grew dark & James got scared again  & it was 12:0 clock pm James's had hidden under his bed.
Booooo”said a voice.
“hello is there anybody in my room.

James got scared  it was his cat popcorn.
The  ghost  creeped into james room!!!.

When james was still asleep the ghost had woken him up Oooo “ahhhhhh  yelled James who stepped away from the ghost.
until it was the end of the world.

Inforgraphic by joel

Thursday, 13 October 2016

Inference chart

Today i have made a goggle drawing on my Learning this goggle drawing is my LI there are 4 picture's one is a hand a magnifier glass 2 people and 1 person the 4th one was very hard because step 3. i didn't know but then i knew what to right this is my example of inference.