Friday, 28 July 2017


LI:Identify actions and factors that can prevent a team from working
I Learnt the Ways how a team can be difficult or non difficult.
By watching a video & working with a group on a google draw listed with over 20 words for teamwork & not teamwork.
                                             To identify relationships into teamwork.

Wednesday, 26 July 2017

Kiwi can Blog post

Kiwi can 

 Today in kiwi can we learnt about emotions & how we can change it. Our theme for this term is Reliability.Our energizer was Emotional music.It this energizer we had to be put in 4 groups.We had to choose a feeling either Happy,Sad or Angry.All of the groups had different emotions.Then we had to perform a band with silence music.

We had to Go at 1 at a time to figure out each group's emotion.
Also we learnt about how people can change their emotions around & how they can help other people that need a buddy to play with.
Explanation for the next Game
Our next game was emotional statues.In this game we had to get into peers.1 person's between you & your peer had to be the creator.& there had too be someone calling out the emotion.When they say a feeling we had to give the statue the instructions like make sad face or a happy face.


Friday, 7 July 2017

Venn diagram on water and water pollution

Venn diagram on water & water pollution
LI: To engage with current events.
I learnt that many fizzes have been punished from schools.I also learnt that rivers & oceans have been polluted by bacteria that's causing it to affect animals & humans.
I learnt by going onto kiwi kids news & using a Venn diagram too put all of the information on.
[Joel] [comparison] Venn diagram - 2 (1).png
To create something that would

help & survive

Tamaki Wrap

On Tuesday LS1 went to the hall to do an activity with a group called Tamaki wrap.
In our activities we had to do things about our water cycles and ecosystems.
I learnt something in those activities to take care of our world and planet.