Wednesday, 20 December 2017

Summer Learning Journey-Cybersmart

Cyber smart Ninja

Stone fields has made a video on how to be a cyber smart ninja watch and learn through there experience on Cyber smart.
Stone fields video

Summer Learning Journey

Summer Learning Journey

Kiwi's are celebrating all of the country this year.This time of the term they are Celebrating for the American world cup finals.
Which will concern that this time they are backing up New Zealand.Many people are celebrating because of this event. 

They have been  celebrating for the win of the world cup finals.

Postcard to Summer learning Journey

LI: To define what New Zealand history is

I have made a post card on New Zealand history of which what housewives use to do.
In my postcard I drawed picture's of rangitoto island.
I also wrote the history down and drawed details to make it a little more fascinating.

Summer Journey 2

Summer Learning Journey

LI: To prevent what the deal is of the century

There was a great term of destruction through out the century.
Most Constructions have been built in New Zealand each year.

Most terms  of construction sites  have been built in Dunedin, In fact Christchurch has been rewarded back there town square.In great terms of company services.
In period of time the St.Josephs cathedral has been fixed up since the last earthquake hitting New Zealand.

This term the St.Josephs cathedral is 1 of the most popular buildings in Dunedin.

Summer learning journey week 1-History about arriving in New Zealand

Summer Learning Journey 
Legends of New Zealand 
LI: To learn about how the Polynesians came to New Zealand 
It is currently believed that Polynesians Navigated across the sea to get to New Zealand.
They traveled 20 mtr to get to shore.
The size of the crew was 5-15.
They carried Banana's,Taro,Kumara,Sweet potatoes,Chickens,Pigs,Fish,Breadfruit,Yams and gourds.The history of the Polynesians saids that the tribe had arrived 700 years ago.Maui was the first man with a fish hook to try and capture a giant stingreigh.

New Zealand also believed that the Maori's shared the island with the people that came from over sea's. 
Althrough there tribe's weren't that friendly or the time.
When the British first came to New Zealand Maori's were disibaying that British were coming to New Zealand to stay. French Polynesia is in the pacific ocean it is common to France.
New Zealand-The arrival of Maori's

Friday, 15 December 2017

Video on NZ News

  • LI To use a range of comprehension strategies to go deeper into a text

For reading Mr,Ogilvie's reading groups had to get into a group of 3 or 4.
Once we got into a group of 3 or 4 we had to create a slide show on News reports.

I was partner up with Avalon,Fui. We decided who would do which topic.
I chose to do NATIONAL.They chose to do Sports and weather after we were finished filling out information we made a video on screencastify. It was only me and Avalon that had to do the video because Fui wasn't here.
We had to try multiple times until we got it right.

Free rice

LI:To Identify the learning intention of free rice and understand the meaning.
Today for my column Other,I have chosen to do free rice for other.
Free Rice is a website that  you can do maths equations or Word understanding.
For points it depends on the total amount of rice you get for each question you answer.

I did word Understanding i learn't many easy and non easy words to describe.  

Tables Master-Can Do

I have done my Can Do,My Can Do was Tables Master I practiced doing my Timetables,I was timed on 37 seconds.
I bit my high score last time because I had timed myself on 89 seconds.


LI: To explain ways of Cyber smart commenting.
Today I have commented on Fui's blog post in her order for writing she wrote a poem about Christmas.
Her post sounded fascinating.
Her Learning intention sounded identifying.

Origami slide editing

LI: to write a recount about making origami cranes.
In Writing we had to edit and check if our sentences made sense we had to edit some of our work because some of it didn't make sense or 2 sentences were joined together.

We had to check with Mr,Wong and see if our sentences were in order.
For the past few minutes I have been checking Sandra's DLO and seeing if it made sense.
She checked minds and I checked hers.

Video on Government services

LI:To make generations about the impact of a group in our community
For inquiry LS1 had to write a description of the 3 topics we been doing for the past few weeks. 
We also had to take a video once we were finished with our scripts we had to take some time practicing for our final shot.

We also had to stay quite if someone was recording.

Thursday, 14 December 2017


Today  was our last day of badminton because it was almost the end of the year.
Badminton was fun for the rest of the season we sure enjoyed playing and challenging our coach Kevin.
On the last day of kiwi sport we played games and learned a new skill.This skill was tricky because we had to make the shuttle stay on the racket while we were spinning it around and around.
Our game was Octopus we had 2 taggers and the whole team were the runners.

Mostly the taggers was all boys.

Wednesday, 13 December 2017

Dancing mat typing

LI: To engage what kind of typing skills are there

I have learnt how to use dancing mat typing for typing practice I used my tired fingers and my strong fingers to type in different ways.I am now on level 2.I have tried out level 2 but I am still struggling I will practice at home and at school to learn how to use qwertyuiop and repeat it backwardly.

After level 2 I will learn to do level 3 harder because it will give me the time to practice.Also the website gave me examples of how to type through the keys.

This is a Website I would use to practice my typing skills on.

Tuesday, 12 December 2017


I have been on Prototec to practice my Addition,Subtraction,Multiplication and division. 
I Figured out some of the Maths results but some were hard to answer.
But each score I got in total  was 20/40 I had Timed the score 10min and 10s.
They were 1000 to 20 to 10.
It was a little hard on the 1000 column but the others were fine.
Division was hard for me because I had to divide my numbers into fractions.  

Thursday, 7 December 2017

Website/Weekly News

This week for reading, our must do was to create a news article. We had to do this in a group, and with this group, there would be a leader. That leader had the most roles out of all of us. The leader needed to, make sure everyone else's articles weren’t copied and pasted, make sure every article made sense, and put each news article together. They needed to even write the blog post for everyone. Our group leader was Jack, and we all chose to make a news website. Jack was working on entertainment, I was working on Sports, Sila & Lukah were working on national, Avalon was working on international, and Julian was working on business. Our news website was called Weekly News. There were a lot of things on the website Jack made, each article having it’s own page. A lot of changes needed to be made, that included non necessary parts, non understandable sentences, and unattributed images. Thankfully, Jack kindly changed those problems. In the end, the website looked awesome. There was a logo, a description of the website, and a cool layout for easy use.

Website Link: Here

Bean bag throw

LI: To use past tense to show something has happened

I have popped in some pictures on each slide and have put in information that rejects to what we have learnt.
We also had to pop in each writing on each slide that had a picture to explain what we were talking about.

Kiwi Sport

What did you learn?:I learnt how to do the back hand serve.

How did you learn?:I learnt by practicing with my buddy.
Then we had to play a rely game against each partner.

Wednesday, 6 December 2017

Kiwi Can

In Kiwi Can group,B went into room 7 to be told instructions by Mrs Lilly & Mrs Latoya.First of all Mrs Latoya told us some opposite words & we had to say something that means something after it.

Then we played too game outside.

Three roles

LI:To classify personal relationship

For inquiry we had to choose 3 roles from Emergency services,Trades,Professionals and Government.I chose Welfare,Fire,Politicians.
We also had to find out information on websites,We also found pieces of information around the room in LS1.

We also had to do the questioning part.

Tuesday, 5 December 2017


I have commented on Chavda's Daily 6 blog post.Her blog post topic was current events.
Her blurb was very interesting once I read it.
She did a good work.

This is called CYBERSMART

Free Rice

LI:To Identify the learning intention of free rice and understand the meaning.
Today for my column Other,I have chosen to do free rice for other.
Free Rice is a website that  you can do maths equations or Word understanding.
For points it depends on the total amount of rice you get for each question you answer.

I did word Understanding i learn't many easy and non easy words to describe.  

Transum tables master

I have learnt to do my 5 times tables.

In 5 times tables I do it like this
This all goes by Number bonds.

Number bonds are number lines.

Number lines can help you with your maths because it's just like Addition but it's adding groups.

Keyboarding drills

Keyboarding Drills

asdf gh jkl;’ asdf gh jkl;’ asdf gh jkl;’
fa fs fd ff fg j’ j; jl jk jj jh da ds dd df dg k’ k; kl kk kj kh
sa ss sd sf sg l’ l; ll lk lj lh aa as ad af ag j’ j; jl jk jj jh
ask dad slash glad fall sasha lash salsa shall jag haha lag
flask dahl gaga salads ashfall laksa khaf gall lall shad flags

I have done Keyboarding drills for my Daily 6.I have learnt how to write fast,In my writing lesson's. Our writing teacher Mr Wong taught us how to use our asdfgh,aqwsedrftgyh
Those are the letters have learnt to split my fingers on to the keyboarding keys.

Commenting on other Maths blog post

Hello Charlize,

Your work looks excellent,I have answered some of your questions but some of them were a bit difficult.The 2nd question was ,Max has 8 pies he buys 14 more how many pies altogether.

The answer would be 21 because

8+14= 21

The 3rd question was Jake drank 4 quarters of 12 water bottle how many water bottles were left.
The Answer would be 8 because

Some of the other Questions were a bit harder so i only got 2 right.
Well done Charlize I think you done a good job because you change some of the hard maths too make it even more harder.

Keep up the work.

Last week Mr Ogilvie,Maths groups had to work with a partner to create a DLO.

Our DLO was going to be a quiz for people to answer questions on when we blog it.

But this week we had to comment on peoples maths questions.We had to answer them and figure out a way of how to solve them.

Some of these Questions were Easy and some were not.

My partner was Liane and we had to comment on someones Blog post.

We had chosen to work on Charlize's Maths quiz.

Her Questions were a bit hard but some were quite easy to solve.

Nearly me and my partner thought that some of them were right.

Some of these question were Subtraction,Multiplication,Addition and fractions.

Some of the results were a bit confusing but the quiz was excellent. 

We also Had to make a Google document to explain our example of what we did for commenting on another person's blog post.

Friday, 1 December 2017

Royal family

LI:To Comit what is royal in Britain

I have blogged about the royal family,LS2 had to  partner up with LS1.
Then we had to Research about the royal family.

We also had to x the spot of which where the great family royals lived.
We had also had to research about how harry and Meagan got ingaged.


Commenting-Cyber smart
Commenting Blog post:
Today for Commenting i have blog posted on Florence blog post. 
Her blog post was about word problems for maths.
I was interested of reading her maths questions because it looked a bit difficult.
Blog commenting on hers was amazing because I can see a lot of maths equations.
This is Cyber smart 
Cyber Smart is about Commenting great {IDEAS} and Information into that person's mind.

By joel

Tables Master

I have been practicing my Times Tables,I have learnt that times tables is about counting in your number bonds from 1 to 100.

This is also important to show your learning progress and maths skills so that you can get a better idea of how to do it.

Kiwi Sport

In Kiwi sport,Group B practiced and learnt new skills from Kevin.
We also played a rely to prove our skills at Badminton.

Kevin taught us a new Skill,It was called the 4 hand twist.

Bean Bag Throw

On Monday Mr Wong,writing groups went out to the junior playground to compete in the bean bag throw,They had to get into groups of 6.Once they got into a group of 6,They threw the bean bags into 5 holla hoops.The 5 holla hoops were there as a score of 1-2 points.

The green holla hoops were 1 point-and the middle holla hoop is 2 points.
Then each person in the group takes and turn.

2 people were in charge of taking photo's.
We also had to explain what we did on a google doc.
We had to explain the actions and what we did.

Word Problem

I have worked with a partner to create a DLO on Maths problems.We had to put in word problems,Me and my partner had to write the 4 main parts-Addition,Subtraction,Multiplication and Fractions.

Each  Maths problem had to be difficult for others to answer.First we had to write down the word problems and pop in pictures,Then we had to blog it and  wait for someone to answer those questions.