Monday, 7 December 2015

Room 7's Overall flag vote

This is a Poster I made on goggle sheets About voting for the new Zealand flag to see how many have voted fro the new Zealand fern or the Overall flag Those people who have voted for the new Zealand flag  means the Overall flag.

Room 7's favorite flags

The Least Favorite flag was the red and blue silver furn Because ... I think The silver flag had the most because  It has the most voting then the other ones . The red and blue flag looks to be like the Aboriginal Flag .

Friday, 4 December 2015


This my xtramaths for today I have 6 wrong and lots right I will have to try better on xtramaths next time .

Thursday, 3 December 2015

This is my Xtrmaths for today I havee lots right and two wrong I will have to try xtramaths better next time .

Revising writing

On Saturday I was at my Papa's, Aunt’s, and Uncle’s house getting ready for Halloween. When I saw my Papa he was dressed up as a spooky zombie and I was dressed up as a purple bat. I was ready for Halloween. Me and my Papa were going around the houses asking for lollies. Once we went to a house that was very black and very spooky. My Papa got scared and I told him don’t worry It's just a house full of decorations. There were spiderwebs, bats and witch decorations. I knocked on the door and out came a man and a lady gave us some sweets and we said “happy trick or treat”. I said to them next we went down to another house that wasn't spooky as it was. It only had spiders and a black witch’s broom. I knocked on the door and out came a black witch the lady gave us chocolate pumpkins. When we stopped at kings Road we spotted my friend Zara and her Dad Ba-bu they were going trick or treating for yummy treats. Me and my Papa were walking to Zara. We asked her if we could come with you to get yummy treats and they said “yes”. When we stopped down at the cafe we had a hot chocolate and a strawberry cupcake. After that we went back down to Courts Cress to go to other houses for trick or treating. When we saw another house it was even scarier I said “happy trick or treat”. Then out came a spider the man gave us lollies and chocolates. It was a fun Halloween. Then it was time to go home. I said “bye” to my friend Zara and went back home to eat all the goodies. Yesterday and today me and liam were working on my recount about Halloween we had to edit some of the mistakes from my recount to make my recount make sense . We had to fix up words the sentences that don't make scene.

Wednesday, 2 December 2015


This is my xtramaths for today I have lots right and three wrong i will have to try better another time .