Tuesday, 14 August 2018

Pecha Flickr Narratives

Me and Brooklyn created a video to tell a story about our Pecha flickr. We created a DLO to put our pictures on. Our topic is Hiking we made up a story to describe what we could see in the picture.Each Picture we wrote a story for it once a story is done on one slide we had to write a story about the other pictures. We were learning how to write Narratives by describing pictures and creating stories.Besides that we created a copy of another DLO which we had to write our narrative on It was interesting because all of our paragraphs were long. Some of our Narratives had to be changed to make our Pecha flickr more interesting and detailing.This was fun because we learnt how to describe pictures and create a awesome story.
We linked Ideas to our story and how the match together.In Our minds we had to paint a picture of ourselves acting in the story.The words that we wrote on our slides were to show and tell what was happening  and what it meant. 

Friday, 10 August 2018

Whare Hauora

Yesterday PBS had the Opening of the new midi cube. The Komatua spoke in Maori and English for the blessing the opening of the new Medical Building. The Kapa haka performed an Item for the Opening After that Mrs Johnston Talked about many things that were going to happen in the medicube.

After that other visitors talked about the star ship company who worked and helped supported the young ones who are in need. Also Mr Johnston talked about the Nurses that were going to work in the medicube.

Everybody sung the Karake for the opening. After that the Kapa Haka performed another Item for the blessing.
Well done to everybody who was evolved in the singing and well done to the Kapa Haka for performing well and successful.

Tuesday, 7 August 2018

Wheel words

Link to play: Play now

In reading today I played wheel words its a game that has a bunch of letters on a wheel. You have to write in a word so that you can earn points for how much words you write in. You can write from 4 letter words to a 9 letter word. 
Each round you play has a different set of letters that you can make words from. 
You would also have to use the middle letter is well so that you can make a bigger word or so that you have an extra letter in the word that you type in.
I think the lane with the most words was 4, 5 and 6 because they all have 7 words in each lane.
The letter word of the round that I have just played was Diverting lane 9 because it had 9 letters in one word.

Monday, 6 August 2018

HIIT Training

Today in HIIT Training we practiced High knee sprints, sand star jumps, slow star jumps, walking on the spot, jogging on the spot, running  on the spot, mountain climbers and tap steps.
We all participated well in the training that we did. 
Nearly all heart rates changed colors and everybody put in there effort. This was a great session to cool off the afternoon. Thanks Mrs Anderson for cheering us on.

Friday, 3 August 2018

Cook Island Language week

Today Me, Nickeala and Chavda learn how to speak cook island language because this week it is cook island  language week. We focused on recording a speaking cook island language. 
We recorded a video to show how we spoke cook island we used a website called digital dialects where the had a variety  of cook island words written in English and cook island. I also created this slide which  explains about cook island cultural dances and the costumes they where for items and performances.
Click here

Wednesday, 1 August 2018

Wheel words

Today in reading I played a game Wheel words, In this game I had to make up words from the letters on the wheel.

Friday, 27 July 2018

Career DLO- Radiation Oncoligist

Today I created a DLO about my career as being a Radiation Oncologist, I picked this Career because I thought you can do research and studies on human radiation.
This was my time to explore information about my career and how much I would get paid if I worked as a therapist.
I created this DLO to show all my information and why I chose this Career.
I had to write this in a Maori version and a English version.
The first slide will show my description and the next slide will show all the information about my Career as a therapist.

Careers blog post

Today LS2 learnt about 2 things Careers and Jobs we worked individually on a website which requested us questions. We answered 79 questions on the website after that, the website would give us oppositions of jobs and how much you get paid per year. 
My career was to become a Radiation Oncologist because the first year you start you get 70$-175$ and the next year you get paid 175$ again to 600$.
I thought this job was a good career for me because you get paid more money.
Everybody participated well in this task and they all chose there careers that they wanted to work for.

Thursday, 26 July 2018

HIIT Training

Today in HIIT training we practiced high knees, tap step and star jumps. We ordered ourselves into lines of 5 people This session was great because  we Motivated ourselves and never stop trying.We did this session in Learning space 2 we increased our heart rates into red some people had higher rates then others because they put in a lot of effort.I found this session more energized because it helps me with fitness at school.
Everybody participated and carried on excising our trainers were the sports leaders Mataio and Tiava they trained us through the whole session.

Friday, 6 July 2018

Proś and Cons of living in a lighthouse

This week my partner and I collaborated very well during this activity. In this google draw we are showing you the pro´s and con´s which is positive and negative sides of living in a lighthouse. We have written a long list of the good reasons and bad reasons why people should keep lighthouses, this is almost like a class argument which there are no rights or wrongs. Comment down below if you have a reason other that these above in the no comments. Thank you and hope you learn something from this piece of information...

Research Idea's

I have created a DLO on Research and information links this task was a database for information and codes for my Animation next term. I was going to make a animation about traveling around the Tamaki area. I am going to create my animation on Scratch is a website where people create animations for entertainment.
On these Slides you will find how to create the outcome of my animation special Materials and components and also research contents.
Hyperlinks will also be used for this DLO.
My Digital learning outcome is researching Idea's to create a featured design in my animation.
I popped in some examples of how the digital learning outcome will look like adding in a few backdrops will give the background a texture and feature.

Thursday, 5 July 2018

Lighthouse for sale

Today I have been working on a lighthouses. This time I got to find a lighthouse for sale. I have created a DLO showing the lighthouse I have used. I used features to make this lighthouse look better and to have an interesting Introduction.
For this photo I found it on a website Lighthouses for sale, I created my own sign and wave to give it an interesting texture.
I also popped in how much this lighthouse would cost and what I like about its design.
This Lighthouse is located in United kingdom its name is the Tarbat nests.

ASB Get Wise at Spending,Earning,Saving blogpost

Today Jayden from ASB Get wise company came in and talked to us about and easier way of how to save your money and spend it wisely. He also talked about Earnings like doing chores at home and earning money for your future.
He also talked about the word Budget and what it means, Budget means something thats not really expensive and your just buying junk food, Like fizzy drinks and lollies he said that if you spend your money badly your wasting all your money for the future.
We got into groups of 1,2,3,4,5, I was in group 4 in this session we played a game on how much a group spends on Flights, Passports, Insurance, Accommodation, Food, Shopping  and Activities.
How much each group spends is how much they have left the way to earn points is buy spending amount of money and saving the money that each group has left.
Each group got a point but there were budgets and expensive s to.
There were 7 options that we were instructed to do. 

Wednesday, 4 July 2018

Chicago sports team

Me,  Sanujan, Jonathan, Harlem, Nickaela  worked on Chicago sports teams. We included information  to this DLO about what the sport team plays for and 3 facts that told us key information about the sports team. My team that I worked on  was Chicago cubs, Sanujan did the White soxs, Jonathan did the black hawks, Harlem did the Chicago bulls and Nickaela worked on Chicago bears.
What we included in this DLO was Information, Facts, Uniform that the team wears, The logo and the arena they play at.
Our information was about the sport the team and the location, This was mine I read a website full of information that I wrote down in my own words.
I went on to google maps and searched for the where the Chicago Cubs play, It came up with the destination the stadium was Wrigley field, I wrote down all the information that I knew on to my slide.

Today's performance in the junior block

Today was Great we Preformed in front of the school, All preforming groups were Kapa haka,Drumming group, Ukulele group and the Cook Island group.
All groups participated really well, Every group deserved to be up in front of the school.
My favorite group was the cook Island group because they were really confident and there movement was amazing.
After our performances we went up to the tables and had a feed we were given free sausages for lunch. I thought today we great because there were heaps of great Items, There were heaps of people laughing and enjoying this day because it was fun.
Thanks to Mr Ogilvie and Whea odi, Mr Wong for preparing this day for us.

Matariki blogpost

Today I worked cooperatively with Sandra,Magenta,Fui and Florence we created a DLO about Matariki celebration. This task was about learning about the Maori New year we also found out information together and facts about what Matariki new years.
All of us watched a video clip to find out about the 6 sisters we also wrote a word summary to explain in a sentence about Matariki.
We wrote 20 interesting words down on our slide then we chose 6 most important words from out of the 20 word summary.
We communicated with each other we shared idea's with each other and collaborated with each other to put all the information that we knew.
The video helped us a lot because it explained a lot about the 6 sisters or the 7 sisters.
After our DLO we created a post that had extra info and facts we popped in pictures of the 7 sisters and a picture of Matariki.

Tuesday, 3 July 2018

Present day

Me and my group finised off our DLO 's and were ready to present our work in front of the class.
We spoke about how much in percentage there was in gram of M&M's.
We took turns at speaking my favorite part was history because I got to do a lot of research it was the funnest part.
Speaking in front of the class struggled me a lot but when I spoke about the Comparison and History there was a lot that inspired me.
We went through each slide explaining about when were M&Ms invented and information that spoke a lot about why were they made how did the Mars company get the Idea of making M&M's.
Also we found out how they became popular and why people were so interested in them because of the chocolate inside the coated shells.
The fact that I learnt about was that chocolate would melt in your pocket but when they started thinking that It wasn't a good Idea to put an M&M in your pocket without the coated shell it will melt so they made edible shells made in many different colors.
I found out that the blue M&M disappeared for a decade and the Mars company started Making tan but after that they removed the  tan M&M and replaced it with the blue M&M.
It was really  fun working on this project I enjoyed learning about new things that I haven't learn't about before.  

Friday, 29 June 2018

Inchape Rock Poem

This a poem that reads out a verse about the Inhcape Rock, My Verse was about Sir Ralph and his Men traveling across a swelling sea. 
This was our activity then we were told to write down What does the text mean. 
After writing the context we were asked to read out our verse before checking our Verse meaning with the teacher.
We also found out clues to why Sir Ralph Died why he would cut off the Inchape bell.

M&M's presentation

Me,Sanujan,Nickela,Jonathan and Harlem created a presentation researching M&M's.
We created a bar graph and a diagram to show the results of which color was most popular.
To do this we were given instructions to come and get a packet of M&M's and a paper for our graph. We counted out all of the M&M's and ordered them into groups. 
The highest rate was green. There were 16 Green, 11 Orange, 10 Brown, 7 Yellow, 6 Blue and 6 Red.
The next day we made the DLO we took a screenshot of our bar graph we  made and a screen shot of our diagram.
The diagram shows how much in percentage the packet weighs with the amount of M&M's in it.
 For our information about when was the blue M&M made we wrote down the key information because before the Blue M&M existed, they used to sell Tan coloured M&M's but they removed it and replaced it with the blue M&M.
Our next task was to find out the history about the M&M's Which stands for Marrie&Mars which was a company that made mars chocolates.
We also wrote our guesses of how much the packet will weigh everybody in our group chose there guess. We also put down 7 facts about the mars company and chocolate. We popped in a video to explain key information about M&M's. We also wrote a comparison and the video to show the M&M's ad on T.V.

Thursday, 28 June 2018

East-Cape Research

East Cape
       Image result for East cape lighthouse
Information about the East cape lighthouse
The East cape lighthouse is located on the east coast, Otiki Hill above East Cape, North Island.

The East Cape Lighthouse stands 15 metres above sea level.
The East Cape Lighthouse is accessed by a walking track of some 700 steps.

In 1954 the light was converted from oil to diesel generated.

Getting to East Cape Lighthouse

East Cape Lighthouse is accessible to the public. It can be reached on foot from the car park at the end of East Cape Road.

From the East Cape Lighthouse, visitors can look out onto East Island where the lighthouse was originally located.

Lighthouse feature: Details
Location: latitude 37°41’ south, longitude 178°33’ east
Elevation: 154 metres above sea level
Construction: Cast iron tower
Tower height: 15 metres
Light configuration: 50 watt rotating beacon
Light flash character: White light flashing once every 10 seconds
Power source: Mains electricity
Range: 19 nautical miles (35 kilometres)
Date light first lit: 1900
Automated: 1985
Demanned: 1985

Fun Fact
  • East Cape was named by James Cook
  • The East Cape Lighthouse was originally located on East Island Whangaokeno
  • It takes 700 steps to get to the lighthouse.
  • The lighthouse was first lit in 1900
  • The road to the lighthouse clings to the coastline, and there are numerous sandy beaches just metres away.
  • The Araroa is the gateway to the East Cape Lighthouse.
  • Almost 600 visitors visited the East Cape Lighthouse.
  • The St Mary's church is one of the most popular churches in New Zealand.
  • February 2002 using a 50 watt tungsten halogen bulb and has a backup battery.
  • In 1971 the lighthouse was connected to main power and the station was automated withdrawing the last keeper in 1985.
  •        April of 1922 the light was extinguished, the tower and buildings were relocated to East Cape at Te Araroa.
  • The lighthouse is located in Gisborne/East Island.
  • There is a camping ground which is near the east cape lighthouse.

Distances from P.B.S To Lighthouse In Time
7 h and 37 min 516 km

This week for Mr Johnson created a tasks for us that includes reading and inquiry.
Our task was to research about specific lighthouse around New Zealand.
Firstly before we went on with our lighthouses we split into 10 groups.
In each groups there are approximately 5 to 6 students.
Now let’s get on with the working part.
After each groups were given their own lighthouse to research on, they got on working.
The lighthouse that we are working on is called East Cape Lighthouse.
For this task I work with Jonathan, Harlem, Nickela,  Joel

Wednesday, 27 June 2018

M&M's blogpost

Today Me, Sanujan, Nickela and Jonathan worked on a slide finding out facts and information about when were M&M's were made who invented them why did the factory  people think of making M&M's.We worked collabraty together to get all information we needed down.
This Task we worked together as a group, We searched for information and facts on sites and we also found out why they were made.We are writing down our comparison.
During this session we made a diagram and a bar chart. 

Friday, 22 June 2018

Blog Commenting PBS

For Commenting today I commented on 3 blogs the first blog I chose was Magenta's I read her blog post about Geese It sounded really interesting because her information talked about Geese and facts that told me a lot more about Geese. I also commented on Miki's and Avalon's I chose these blob post because I thought that they might have interesting posts up on there blog. The one blog post that I was interested in was Miki's he wrote about his tech reflection he wrote about cooking tech he explained with a picture what he made and how he made it.

My Goal is to comment on a blog each week so that  I can get a good feedback on my blog.

Tech Reflections- Digital Tech

Today in Tech Group A, Planned there animations and Outcomes to do this we focused on our tasks that we were to be included finished.
We planned our animations and helped each other on how to embed our scratch animations.
This was cool it was a fantastic day I couldn't wait to make my own animation.

Casey and Jeff animated story

This is an example of an animated story that I recreated in scratch. For this task I used sprites which are cartoon characters for my animated story we used Back drops for the background.
The Components used to create this story include Backdrops CharactersSpeech bubbles Effects The codes that I used to Recreate the story include:

  • Events script codes to start the story 
  • Looks script to enable the sprites to speak
  • Control for the character to move from place to place
  • Looks for back drops to appear 
This was fun it was interesting  to make an animation from scratch, Today was our last day to finish our animated stories then we posted them up on our blog.

Thursday, 21 June 2018

HIIT Training

Today's HIIT Training was great we learned how to do pull ups squats and push ups, for today we did this activity in LS2 because it was raining. I worked with my group and my pair Magenta together we got our heart rate up in red we encouraged each other if one of us were feeling pain. The rotation that I was interested in was pull ups I like doing pull ups because it helps your back feel strong and your chest feel strong to.It was amazing how many people got there heart rates up, I was really struggling on push ups until I a learnt a better way how to do the push ups.

Tuesday, 19 June 2018

How do you use a unicycle/Unicycle research

I have learnt about unicycles and how people teach starters how they could ride one.
This was my reading task for today this video is about how to ride a unicycle.This was fun to learn about because I did not know that there were other cycles like a normal bicycle.
About a  Unicycle.

This was the information I found out about unicycles,

A Unicycle is a one wheeled cycle which  is often used for actors like clowns or juggling people. The places they use a unicycle in is a Circus or a talent show.

Unicycles take time to practise because it is hard to pedal on a one wheeled bike.
Heaps of people have talents using a unicycle. It is interesting to ride a unicycle in a show while everybody's watching you.

When were unicycles invented?

Unicycles were invented during 1866, James Stanley evented a unique bicycle & Penny farthing.

I enjoyed learning about unicycles it was something different to learn about. And how people are going to learn how to ride one.

Making connections DLO

I created a Making connections DLO showing Text to Text,Text to World and Text to self.This DLO was going to be about eating healthy.I wrote what I have watched or read what I already know and my reaction to why eating healthy is important. I also asked myself why is it important to exercise and eat nutrients to give your body enough energy and nutrition to play sport outside.

Friday, 15 June 2018

DigiTech Project - Install planning

In digi tech today we started the install planning for our Digi tech project.

Context brainstorm
Context statement
Context planning 
To start off we played Kahoot this was fun, after that we created a brainstorm that we used to put down the areas of the tamaki reserve.We put in pictures and links to the sites, we explained why were doing the Context brainstorm it was important to identify ideas based on different places and facilities.
Our next task was Context statement we used this Document to put down our statement for our animation we put down the age the problem to why we picked this and producing the outcome.
The purpose of this statement what we show others DIY.
Our next task and this was our final task it was context planning we used a google sheets to do this we put down answers to the questions on the sheet.This statement was for us to learn about Digi Tech.

Thursday, 14 June 2018

Kiwi Can

This week in Kiwi can we have a new topic called accountability. Today our energizer was copy me we followed instructions on the board it had a variety of actions that we needed to do. First we got into groups of 4 or 6 then we picked a leader for our group. Each leader from each group had to come to Miss Lily to get a card the number on the card was the number of the action we needed to do. This was fun when each team finished there leader had to count all the cards and the team with the most cards wins.
Our next activity was 2 truths 1 lie in this game we had to tell 2 truths and 1 lie then everybody had to think which one was the lie. 
Accountability is keeping your own actions to yourself this shows people the values of keeping out of trouble.

HIIT Today

HIIT today was great we tried our best to raise our heart rate,We watched the screen as it tells us what rate we are up in.The heart rate had to reach Red once you calm down after the session in will slowly go back down into blue or green.
This was Awesome it was fun and energizing, 
Everybody in group,A  participated in activities we were doing,This week  we are learning how to do Slip squat,Split squat pualse and split squat jump.
Last week we help each other on these 3 exercises, I helped Angela with her exercises together we both learnt it and gave encouragement to each other.
This training this week was good!. 

Tuesday, 12 June 2018

Research About Geese

I learnt about Geese,I read a Website that told me  the facts that I needed to know. It told me the way  of life of how Geese survive and how there way of being.Learning about Geese I had to research about facts and Information. I learnt about the Geese system I learn the different body parts of a Geese.

Making Connections DLO

Today I read a story called the forty coats man this story was interesting to read because it told me a lot about what was happening why it was happening and who where the main characters.
I created a making connections DLO that I wrote my Text to Text, Text to world and Text to self.
I wrote down the different reactions to the story I have just read.

Friday, 8 June 2018

Tech at Tamaki College

Tech at tamaki college was great the year 7ś used a DLO to put there scratch codes on,Digi tech was awesome I signed up for scratch then I created a animation about 2 people going to the park.

Thursday, 31 May 2018

Kiwi Sport,Group A

Today In Kiwi Sport we played a game when you have 2 rippers in the middle and everybody else down the bottom of the field this game was a bit like Octopus.After that game we played rippa rugby  we played in teams 1,2 and 3.We had to focus on the ball and try to get a goal to win a point.We used our skills to communicate with each other.We also helped each other and coached each other on the field.It was very hot outside but we managed to play well.
Everyone had fun and we enjoyed rippa rugby today,Everybody in the game ran around trying to get the ball to there goal.We won and lost but we tried our best.Team Blue and Team Green played very well. Each round we played was Awesome.