Friday, 19 October 2018

Tech Reflection

Today at Tech the year 7´s planned Idea´s for their DIY phone stand. Each of our plans were great we found interesting phone stand images on google and idea´s for our phone stand. I chose to plan a rabbit phone stand because I thought that it would be inspirational. When our plan was finished we went on tinkercad to create our 3D design of our phone stand. Well done to everybody who worked hard to create there 3D phone stands.

Kiwi Can Reflection

In Kiwi Can group, was learning how to respect each others values. Group, A talked about the different care values in our school. We talked about why it is important to have school values and rules so that we could show our younger ones a good example of respecting us as a school. This was our first session of term 4 and we seemed to be doing excellent things.
The new topic this term is respect we learnt to show respect to the school by following the rules, And respecting all students and staff at PBS. The rules of our school are, To not litter on school grounds, leaving school grounds without permission and unappropriated language or action while in school time. Our Care values are Confidence, Attitude, Respect, Excellence and innovation.   

Tinkercad Design

This is my tinkercad design that I´ve created I chose to make a rabbit phone stand because I thought it would be interesting. First I planned my idea for my design than I spent a hour creating the design. I drawed out my plan for my phone stand than I copied the picture and then started creating my 3D rabbit phone stand. Iḿ not finsied yet I just have to finish grouping the shapes into order.

Thursday, 18 October 2018

Explanation Writing: How Camels have adapted to there Enviroment

How have camels adapted to their environment?

They have made Physical changes too there lives in the hot condition. Camels store water in there fat this means they can survive without water for 30 days. The desert is very hot and  temperatures can rise up to 42 degrees Celsius. At night cold temperatures means that without warm nights camels can get really cold. The camels natural habitat is the desert which is a hot place that happens to be borders made of sand. This is a great place for camels to live because it is very hot. This habitat heats the sand which makes it very hot too walk on. Weathers can easily change which can be difficult and  tough. Most weathers can damage eyesight like sand storms. This weather is considered dangerous because you can get lost or even die out in a weather like this. A sand storm is when the wind and sand combine together to form a type of weather which is called a sand storm. Camels have 3 sets of eyelids protecting them from getting sand into there eyes. They have ears which have hair in them too protect them from having any issues with hearing. They also have fat lips which helps them too bite through plants. The lips also stop the thorns from hurting them. They also have thick fur on their humps for shade and thick pads and webbing around their toes to walk on the hot sand. The nose closes and opens for breathing. The Camels drink water too help them keep hydrated on hot days. Barely there is no rain in the desert because of hot heated temperatures. People help camels to stay healthy by giving them grass, grains,  wheat and oats. This is too give them the nutrition they need so that they can survive for 30 days without water. Camels grow up too 7 inches tall this means they are making physical changes in there lives which  helps them to grow strong and healthy. Without nutrition camels would die with no hydration or food. It is hard to survive in the desert because of the hot climates that happen during hot weathers.

In Writing we have continued to write explanations. This term our topic is about how Camels have adapted to there environment. before I started righting my explanation about Camels I planned notes for idea´s to put into my Explanation. I used TIIC in my explanation which is title, Introduction, Information and conclusion. My Introduction was about how Camels have adapted to there environment the next paragraph was a desert description which explained what a desert is and climates that change the weather. I found the 3rd paragraph interesting because it was about diet and foods that help give nutrition to camels. Paragraph 2 was about physical changes that camels have helped change there bodies. The last paragraph was conclusion which I repeated some information to sum up all my ideas and gives out one key information about my topic.

Shake out DLO

Today Me and Magenta found out information about shake out day. The definition of shake out day is when people prepare for a real earthquake. The rules that you have to follow while in a real earthquake is drop, cover and hold. Me and Magenta worked collaboratively to find out about the Christchurch earthquake and the Napier earthquake.  This was really fun to learn because it helps us learn about how an earthquake starts where about it happened and who were involved in the earthquake.  We found some interesting facts that I´m sure that people will learn from and photos and a poster to show off at the end.  I think Shake out day taught me about what happens if an earthquake strikes. 

Tuesday, 16 October 2018

Basic facts boxes up to 20

In Maths I´ve being focusing on my basic facts up to 20. This was a good time to practise my basic facts in Maths time. The one thing that I need to work on is adding up big numbers and adding them with small numbers to get my answer. Next time in maths I will do my best to add 20 to bigger numbers.

Friday, 28 September 2018

Willow- Opening Sequence

Extreme Wide ShotClose UpMid ShotImage result for high angle shotImage result for low angle shotImage result for eye level shotImage result for reverse angle shotA tilt is a vertical camera movement in which the camera points up or down from a stationary location. For example, if you mount a camera on your shoulder and nod it up and down, you are tilting the camera.
Tilting is less common than panning because that's the way humans work — we look left and right more often than we look up and down.
The tilt should not be confused with the Dutch Tilt which means a deliberately slanted camera angle.
A variation of the tilt is the pedestal shot, in which the whole camera moves up or down.
The term tracking shot is widely considered to be synonymous with dolly shot; that is, a shot in which the camera is mounted on a cart which travels along tracks.
However there are a few variations of both definitions. Tracking is often more narrowly defined as movement parallel to the action, or at least at a constant distance (e.g. the camera which travels alongside the race track in track & field events). Dollying is often defined as moving closer to or further away from the action.
Some definitions specify that tracking shots use physical tracks, others consider tracking to include hand-held walking shots, Steadicam shots, etc.
Other terms for the tracking shot include trucking shot and crabbing shot.

Yesterday morning I created a Opening sequence DLO about camera effects. This was going to help the people who stayed here at school learn about different types of effects on the camera. I put in camera effects and definitions of 2 of the most important camera effects. Willow was actually a cool movie because it was based on fantasy and also it was broad casting a little baby princess getting saved from the evil queen Bavmorda.

Willow- Character Introduction

Willow Character Introduction L. I. - To understand characterisation (protagonist/antagonist) Character Role First intro. Costume, music, lighting, action... During the film By the end Willow Willow is the hero who saves the princess in this story. Willow has magic accorns too turn baddies into stone. Willow has just been given a quest too go and take the baby too the good king and queen. Heś a farmer that farms on a beautiful farm. Willow is wearing a blue, Gold and red clothing. Madmartigan Madmartigan tries to threaten Willow and asks him to get him some water. He is trapped in a cage at the moment he is a baddie. Madmartigan is a swordsman that has ever lived. Madmartigan is dressed in black. His action too this story is threatening Willow. Elora Danan Elora Danan is the princess in this story who needs rescuing but she is a baby princess. A baby princess who needs rescuing. Wearing a bright leathered clothing. Bavmorda The evil queen who tries to find princess Elora Danan. Wairs a dark leather cloak. Setting- Dark Castle Franjean and Rool Franjean and Rool is the Sidekicks and the funny ones in the story. Has stolen the princess. Brown clothing and funny characters. Funky hair doś tiny people. Fin Raziel Fin Raziel is a sauserece who takes the baby too the nice queen and queen. Sorsha. 

Yesterday Morning half of LS2 were left to do some exciting work. Altogether we watch a movie called Willow at first we checked out the willow website where it took us to a bunch of different documents that were our Evaluation. These Documents were their for putting down the character information of the introduction we were going to listen to. When we started watching the movie we all thought about what our Prologue was going to be. This was really fun because this activity was based on fantasy.  Also this movie told us character narratives and a story based on a princess getting saved from an evil queen. We watched this movie until the afternoon came. This movie teached us about different camera effects like Long wide shot, Shoulder shot, Low shot, Tilt shot. 

New York DLO

In Reading I created this DLO Showing all the different a landmarks that I would like to visit if I was in New York. The places that surround New York that i am most interested in visiting is the Empire of state building, statue of liberty, China  town, Little Italy, Manhattan which is obervously a city in New York, Central park, Broadway. I really liked this activity because it was interesting to find out places that surround New York city. 

Read theory Blogpost

Today in Read theory I read Luna moth this articaul tells me facts about the Luna moth. This was really interesting because I didn know that there were moths with green wings so I found this quite strange.  I found out that this moth belongs to a family that is slightly larger then other butterfly families. 

3D designs

Today in Graphics I created a 3D person from Tinker cad. Tinker cad teached me a lesson of how to create and think of 3D designs which was Incredible. Today I didn´t get to finish my creation I was thinking of creating a 3D design of my sister. 

Thursday, 27 September 2018

Apostrophes DLO

In Writing Mrs Aś group learnt about Apostrophes we all created a DLO showing an example of an Apostrophe when to use them in a sentence. Apostrophes and contractions are both different but in the same group. Contraction is when 2 words that are together but shortened an Apostrophe goes where the missing letter is.
An apostrophe is a punctuation because they are both symbols but have a different meaning. 

Diagram of a bridges around the world

This Diagram shows the information of the Millau Viaduct. I chose this bridge because it look interesting and I wanted to learn more about it. You can find this bridge destination in France. 
I found out that this bridge was made of reinforced concrete which was really interesting to know. It was really interesting to know that this bridge the size of its length was 2,460 m.
I also found out that this bridge spans over gorge valley and that its clearance below is 274m.

Bridge cartoon

In inquiry this term me and Viva have been collaborating with each other brain storming ideas for our story board animation that tells the story of the first bridge and second panmure bridge been built. Before bridges were invented people used to travel across the tamaki river on a punt which was really difficult because sometimes there would be bad weather and other times the punt would flip over. Then in 1865 the first panmure bridge was built out of wood, logs that came from the trunk of the kauri tree. This bridge only lasted for a small period of time and then collapsed into pieces. This is when engineers thought that building a bridge out of wood will not support the bridge because wood was not the type of material that bridge builders wouldn´t normally use anymore. So comparing the busted down bridge they thought that they needed a more stronger material. The next pile of material was concrete that came from Sydney Australia on a ship. This made bridge building a little more complicated because they needed to pay for the bridge. Wants payments went into building/ Constructing the second panmure bridge they needed help to build the bridge. They needed a crane to put down the materials and ships to bring the materials on. Wants the bridge was completed it was opened on the 14th of October 1916 when Prime minister William Massey drove over the bridge with a steam roller. 

Tuesday, 25 September 2018

Venn Diagram of the Panmure bridges- Comparing bridges

Today in Inquiry me and Viva worked collaboratively together to create a diagram comparing materials that engineers used to make the first panmure bridge and the bridge that still exists today.  In our Venn Diagram we included things like materials that were used to build our 2 bridges and similar things that make up the bridge. 2 pictures to show our comperance to the bridge in 1865 and the bridge that still exist today. We manage to find all the details that we needed. One of our facts is what were the piles made from well they were made from reinforced concrete which was built when it was low tied.  What was the first bridge and the bridge that still lives today made of it was really easy to find out what type of material it was made of. The type of material that the panmure bridges were made of was wood and reinforced concrete.  

Thursday, 20 September 2018

Read Theory blogpost

This afternoon I went onto read theory and read wedding tradition this paragraph told me the traditional style of a wedding. I was interested about this part of tradition because every culture has a different wedding celebration or setting.  Because in NZ and Australia and places like that we have normal wedding traditions. My goal is to read more so that I can get better at my reading skills.

Read theory blogpost

This afternoon I went onto read theory to practice my reading skills. Read theory helps me a lot because it teaches me research and helps me read well. I like read theory because it helps me with my learning and helps me learn about paragraphs, research and my reading knowledge. 
My goal is to get a higher rate in read theory and get a higher progress in reading.

Tuesday, 18 September 2018

Duffy Assembly

Today in Duffy Assembly we got to meet a professional comic book artist name Michel he is a illustrator who draws comic pictures and loves reading. Today in Assembly Michel told us about his life of being a wrestler and a artist. He showed us a variety of different comic books that he has illustrated this was and inspiration for him to learn growing up in childhood. He told us about being a professional at video games and presenting New Zealand at a gaming arena in front of  20,000 people. We enjoyed learning about his childhood and representing New Zealand as a wrestler and gamer. Michel is not a big fan of fornite but is a fan of tekkan it was really great learning about his hobbies of video games and art and him trying new things.

Wheel Words

Today in Reading I practiced wheel words this was a great way to learn and practiced new words and learn the meanings of these new words. This activity helped me learned about new words and meanings. This gives me inspiration about hard words between the words that I know. 

Wednesday, 12 September 2018

Basic facts boxes to Hundred

Today in Maths I practiced my basic facts to hundred. During maths I got all answers correct this meant I was getting good at my basic facts. This went in 2 different ways one way I did addition and the other subtraction. 
This was a good way to practise my basic facts so that I don't get confused when trying other strategies. 

Read Theory Progress

Today during Writing I went onto read theory to practise my reading skills and answer questions better. This week I have been reading what is it like to be bullied by another student at school. And read the paragraph until I fully knew the answers this week my question challenges I got all right. 
My Goal is to get the questions right and read carefully through the text so that I don't get confused.

Tuesday, 11 September 2018

VR Research

Today during Maths I was picked to have a go at doing ventral reality. This was a fun and exciting activity to do because I got to build a bridge and deliver letters across a bridge that I built. I used Google cardboard to see the vision of building bridges across one side of the river to the other.
Thanks to Yvonne's team for helping us do this fun activity. 

Wheel Words blogpost

Today in reading I learn't new words and practicing how many words I could get. I came up with 34 words on my test on wheel words. This was a good opportunity to learn new words and finding out that some of the words that I haven't used before this was great because it was a good way to learn different phrases this term in reading.

Thursday, 6 September 2018

Trip to the Orchestra trip

Today's trip was to the Auckland Hall to watch a group of musicians and performances. It was really amazing to see a group of people performing a fabulous item. The interments that were included were the trumpets, trombone, tuba, french horn, brass and a triangle.
The wooden interments that were included in this orchestra was a flute, oboe, bassoon, picoala, clarinet, percussion, Drums, Cynbols and the string interments were violin, viola, cello, ba double bass.
Many of the music that we heard were conducted by the conductor and were also played by one of the opera singers.
This was amazing because all performances that we watched were going in order and sounded outstanding.
what I learnt from the Orchestra was that the Conductor is the guide who guides the musicians with the music volume of loud/soft/ slow and fast.
Some of the musicians played in different parts of the show this teached me how a orchestra works like what time do other musicians play there music or if performances are dancing.
Thanks to St Kent college and Ngatapawae for performing a amazing item.
And also thanks to all of the people who were preforming great music to all schools.
Thanks to Mrs Anderson, Miss Caroline, Alex's mum, Mrs Linda and also the guides there for supporting us today.

Friday, 31 August 2018

Auckland Harbour bridge research

In Inquiry Me and Chavda have been learning about the Auckland harbour bridge. Lately in inquiry we have been learning about bridges we have been researching why bridges are important and how they are made.
Also why are bridges strong because they are made out of hard material and are built into detailing structures.
We have created a DLO and slideshow to show and compare to the Sydney harbour bridge and also identifying  the Auckland harbour bridge.

A thank you card to Ms Anderson

Today the yr 7ś made a card for Ms Anderson, they wrote a lot of thoughtful things to make her happy. We also found out that she was a fan of rainbows and unicorns.
This was also a great oppitunity for us yr 7ś to say a huge thank you to our Digi tech teacher for teaching us throughout the term.

Evaluation of my animated story

In the context of (Animated stories in the neighbourhood) I will design and produce an animated story for 30-59 years old to be used to things around our tamaki area this relates to communities around panmure and GI. My animated story is currently under construction. Could you please help me by giving me feedback on my conceptual design of my animated story. This helps me finish my animated story.


Thursday, 30 August 2018

The history of the panmure bridge

In Inquiry I created a DLO collage about the first panmure bridge.
I focused on getting  all the information down, also I watched a video to help me find out more information on why they constructed the first panmure bridge.
Because people couldn't get across the water because sometimes there would be a rough weather or sometimes drown when the water was deep.
Once I knew all the information that I needed I created the DLO before I had started I thought of some Ideas to how I was going to put all the info on my DLO.
Then I started to put pictures on to explain the story, I put on the pictures of the panmure bar, Panmure bridge, Panmure transport, and the material that they used to make the panmure bridge.

Tuesday, 28 August 2018

Read theory progress

In reading for my theory progress all my levels are three. 
This shows that I need to read more at home and during school time.
Next time I will try my best to reach level 4 or 5.

WIld boar

In reading I created a DLO on 5 facts about Wild boar. I first had to complete my key into evaluation. These 5 facts explain about a wild boar.
I read through the facts on the website to give me an idea of how I am going to explain in a explanation what I wild boars personality is.

Key into Evaluation

Key into Evaluation
Level Two Set T3

Evaluation requires the skills or reorganisation and inference.  Answers must come from the information in the story. Look for keywords. Consider the writer’s intent.

As Bad as it Gets

The Worst Day of my Life

I don’t believe it.  Last week it was ‘The best day of my life’ and now it’s this.  Why can’t Mr. Thoms have more imagination?

Groaning inwardly, Jaz rolled her eyes, and hoped for inspiration.

OK. Let’s see now. The day I lost my Barbie doll. I was only seven, but I remember the pain. Or the day I tripped over in front of the whole football team. No, I don’t want the entire universe to know about that.

The day old Rexie died was pretty awful. I still miss his great big eyes and waggy tail. He was a lovely dog.

I know! The day Dad lost his job. No that was his worst day. Anyway, he wasn’t out of work long.

The day I missed out on getting into the national swimming team by three lousy rotten seconds.  They don’t come much worse than that.

There’s so much to choose from.  My life is full of worst days. This one’s not so good either.  Now I think of it, I’ve had a terrible life.

Jaz looked over at her friend Elyse, who was adjusting her wheelchair to be closer to the desk.  Injuries from a car accident last month meant that she would be like this for another six weeks. She watched as Elyse started writing.  She wrote without pausing, quickly filling the lines.

Jaz turned to her own desk, lowered her eyes and started writing:  Three days after I turned seven, I took Crystal, my Barbie doll, out on a picnic...

a.  What kind of inspiration was Jaz hoping for
Not a boring day but a good day.

b. What did Jaz mean by ‘Why can’t Mr Thoms have more imagination’?
She meant that he should thought more of a  fun thing to do more than just thinking of old boring things.

c.  What was Elyse most likely writing about?
She  was writing a story without pausing or stopping.

d.  Why do you think that Elyse was able to write  ‘without pausing’?
Because so that she doesn't forget about what she was writing about.

Reaction question:

Do you think Jaz had had a terrible life?  Why do you say that?
Yes because she couldn't do anything fun to make her day better.

Create activity:

Choose either of the writing topics Mr Thom had set and write your own personal recount.

Yay as I went with my mum and my sister and nephew.
We were very happy to see my brother because he is far away from us .We haven't seen my brother for a long time .My mum went into my brothers room and said hi to my brothers.

I gave my brother a huge hug and I talked to him about how i was going at school . And told him I got a computer
he said wow that's cool . My mum talked to him my brother said what did you do at work . My mum said it was good

I had a lot of fun seeing my brother, we sang a song to him and said I hope you get out soon and come back and live with us .

After seeing my brother we went home and watch tv and
had toast after . And then I went to bed .
We had a fun time and we had a good day and now we went home .

In reading my task was to finish off my Key into Evaluation- As bad as it gets.
I answered all questions and hoping that I got all of them correct.
After that was done and completed I did another task which I had to create a recount.
My recount was about going to see my brother.

Monday, 27 August 2018

Advertisment of a local Gym in our community

Key into Evaluation
Level Two Set T2

Evaluation requires the skills or reorganization and inference.  Answers must come from the information in the story. Look for keywords. Consider the writer’s intent.


My only brother was also my twin.  You would think that because we were identical we would act the same way and like the same things.  He was born forty minutes before me and would often remind me of the fact. Because I was keen on sport, he would also rub me up the wrong way by raving on about how sport was boring and a big waste of time.

“Who, little brother,” he would jeer, “needs to suffer pain unnecessarily?”

When we turned fifteen my parents surprised me with a year’s subscription to the In-Shape Gym.  Now I was able to join Brant and Ethan each Monday and Wednesday evening to seriously work out. When they turned up at home to pick me up Josh would be sprawled out on the couch mindlessly watching cartoons or playing his new PlayStation.  He would poke fun at us and say that the best way to deal with an urge to exercise was ’to stay calm and wait until it went away.’

“Just playing sport is bad enough,” he scoffed, “but working out is over the top.  And Tim,” he says, leaning forward and screwing up his nose, “the only reason you would want to go there would be to attract the girls!”

So it was a surprise, when having decided to go to the gym late one Thursday afternoon, we saw Josh come out the side door dressed in a tracksuit carrying a sports bag in his hand.  What’s more, he crossed the road and walked straight up to a smiling Tammy Aster - the most gorgeous girl at our school.

a.  Why did his brother refer to him as ‘little brother’?
Because he was born forty minutes later.

b.  Do you think the writer was happy with his birthday present?  Why do you say that?
Yes because he wanted to exercise with his friends.

c.  What present do you think Tim’s brother got for his fifteenth birthday?
The other brother got a play station for his birthday.
d.  Why do you think Josh was at the gym?
Because he wanted to meet Tammy Aster.
Reaction question:

Would you like to be Josh’s brother?  Why do you say that?

No because I don't want to be the brother who doesn't go to the Gym but  just stays at home and play on the play station all day.

In reading I created an advertisement of a local Gym near our school. The Gym that I have picked was City fitness because it is closer to our school.
I first had to complete my Key into Evaluation then finish answering the question on the document.
I found out that to join city fitness is $6.99 to join for a week. And to be a member of this gym its $11.99.
I wrote some of the information that I found out about city fitness. After that I popped in a photo of the city fitness logo.
In my key into evaluation I read the text from the top to bottom then I answered some of the questions. Some of the questions were quite difficult because some I couldn understand well.
Next time I will try my best to figure out the answer to the question.

Friday, 24 August 2018

Tech blogpost

Today in Digital Tech the year 7ś were creating there animations using sprites and Backdrops. In our animations we use Looks/Events/Control these help our sprites to talk and to move from one backdrop to the other.
My animation is based on PBS the best school ever I used 4 sprites to acknowledge my Animation.The backdrops are the background each backdrop I used was Library and Hall. I focused on getting my animation done. 

Wednesday, 22 August 2018

Maths week-Scale Drawings

Last week was maths week that week all  of LS2 had a activity to do we created scale drawings of clipart characters. 
The Enlargements were written in multiplication our scale drawing included an image that we picked out for ourselves. I chose a Pokemon because I thought that it would be interesting to draw. This was very difficult because I had to make sure that where I drawed was in the right boxes that it shows on my image.This was scale drawing 1-2 my boxes had to be in good measurement because if I didn ´t have the lines straight my lines would be crooked and I won´t be able to draw my scale drawing properly. 
This was my first time drawing a scale drawing at first  I wasn´t really sure but I practiced on the scale drawing test.
After I ruled lines I started drawing my clipart charterer when I was finished drawing I thought that all the hard effort that I put into drawing this clipart character was amazing. 
I then started coloring in my scale drawing which I blended in the colors to make it a great texture. 

Tuesday, 21 August 2018

Sky Tower Trip

Today LS2 went on a trip to visit the sky tower. We got to learn many things especially the history of how it was made and what year it was constructed. When we first arrived at the sky tower I was shocked because the sky tower was so huge. 
When we entered the front reception we saw guides who were going to lead our group to the alivator to go up the sky tower. This was amazing  because there was windows that showed a fantastic view which was awesome. This was my first time up in the sky city. When we reached the top we all were handed a pamphlet and a pencil this was an activity for us we had a lot of fun learning new stuff. This year we are learning  about structures and comparing it to our topics this term. What a fantastic trip today everybody enjoyed learning new things and also visiting new places in Auckland city.
I thought this was the best day ever!.

I would like to thank Douglas Bates for funding us the money to go on amazing trip to the sky tower. I will also like to thank Mr Wong Ms Kirkpatrick, Mrs Anderson, Mr Dobson and Ms Linda for looking after us during our trip. 

Thursday, 16 August 2018

Tidy Kiwi DLO

Today I created a DLO explaining Tidy Kiwi Duty. This DLO explains what I do and where about I do my job my job is at PBS. 

Animation Circulatory system

Last term I created an animation explaining information and vocabulary about a system in the human body called a circulatory system.  It is where your lungs are and it is where avioli goes into tubes and then ends up in the nest where your breath of old avioli comes out of the lungs and out of your mouth.
To create this I used characters for speech so they could explain all the parts of breathing air and old air.
There are 2 tubes one is for breathing  air and the other is for swolling food. The organisms help your blood to restore nutrients into the body. This took a week to create because I was so busy trying to find information. I thought of making characters because so its easier to not copy characters from online.  I think this was also a great idea because characters can explain a lot of things like explaining about the human body.

Tuesday, 14 August 2018

Pecha Flickr Narratives

Me and Brooklyn created a video to tell a story about our Pecha flickr. We created a DLO to put our pictures on. Our topic is Hiking we made up a story to describe what we could see in the picture.Each Picture we wrote a story for it once a story is done on one slide we had to write a story about the other pictures. We were learning how to write Narratives by describing pictures and creating stories.Besides that we created a copy of another DLO which we had to write our narrative on It was interesting because all of our paragraphs were long. Some of our Narratives had to be changed to make our Pecha flickr more interesting and detailing.This was fun because we learnt how to describe pictures and create a awesome story.
We linked Ideas to our story and how the match together.In Our minds we had to paint a picture of ourselves acting in the story.The words that we wrote on our slides were to show and tell what was happening  and what it meant.