Friday, 13 April 2018

Sounds and smells of the night market

(5 minutes writing - 7 minutes DRAFT in pairs - 10 minutes writing)

I can see food thats is firing on a hot element and the flavors rising with steam. I can hear the Churros sizzling in the hot oil & Chocolate sauce drizzling on the soft textured delight. I can smell the air blasting with flavors & served food smelling with great texture. I can also taste the sugar bursting in my mouth. As I leave the food stand I can taste hot moist Churros in my mouth I can also taste the sugar bursting in my mouth. I can think of my first bite and how it is going to taste when l bite it. I would do anything just to take one bite of that delicious crunchy Churro.I can feel the inside of my stomach rumbling as l can smell the churros sizzling away.I can't say one word because of the tasty desert I took a bite of.
I can say that the bite was hot & soggy.

For writing I budied up with my partner Avalon we made a copy of our writing template and watched a video to get us thinking of Idea's to do this we used a whiteboard and whiteboard marker.
After putting down about what happens at the night market we started talking to each other thinking of what topic about the night market we could write about.We decided that we should write about the different foods at the night markets.

We used the 9 main symbols Feel,Taste,Look,Smell and hair,Then we started writing our paragraphs.Then we thought of something we wanted to make our paragraphs more powerful so that it would inspire people of what the night markets are like.

After writing for a few minutes we talked again and checked our spelling correction and also to make sure that our sentences made sense.Once we were done we carried on to the 5,10,7 draft.We copied in our paragraphs and moved on to the next final step,The next step was to write feedback about our writing and how we felt about our story.

Tech- Refletion

Tech at Tamaki College

Image result for Twitter silhouette

Tech at Tamaki College was great,The Yr 7's were finishing off there pewter casting designs and some of the yr 7's were finished adding the shine to there design.
My design was a twitter bird I focused on sand casting my design to improve my casting skills.
I am now passed the 180 sand casting and I am now on the 1200 this took a lot of time to rub and scrub my design.

Tech was Awesome I really enjoyed finishing my design and looking at other students designs.
We also saw some great effort of other students who did interesting designs.

Thursday, 12 April 2018

Pencil code 3D shapes and 2D shapes

I logged onto pencil code and used my directions to direct the icon to make my shape.I was trying to make a Block but instead I made a rectangle.I followed Jacks example to help me get the shape right I thought of some Ideas to get me thinking of how I'm going to plan my shape.

Making connections

This is my making connections for reading, I read in the news paper about some different events. The events were about the commonwealth games I used a copy of the making connections document.I wrote down all the information I knew when I was reading the article.
I thought of what I was going to write and how I was going to put in my columns Text to Text, Text to world,Text to self. I read about the different sports that they play at the commonwealth games.

Wednesday, 11 April 2018

Measuring angles with a Protractor

Today in Maths I created a DLO showing an example of how to use a protractor. My DLO was about how to use a protractor and learn the degrees, angles and measurement.
I rote a description to show how to measure a protractor or an angle to show what a protractor measures.

Measuring the angles and Protractors were different, I measured from the 0 to 90 or 0 to 230. Angles show the direction from backwards to forward to right and left.
I learnt the different sizes and measurement and angles thats show the Vertex the arms and the different degrees. I also used a picture to show what a protractor looks like and the measurement it measures up to.


Thursday, 5 April 2018

Kiwi Can

Kiwi Can Group,A

Today In Kiwi Can group,A learnt new experiences from Miss Lily and Ms Matt about what Conflect means and Resolution. Conflect means people who fight or ague about something or someone,Resolution means people who solve problems and how they can stop others from bullying each other.

We started off with an energizer,Our warm up was Bang in this activity we gathered around in a circle and got our hands ready to get people out.We had to shape our hands like we have guns to shoot people but we were called out by the person in the middle.

Miss Lily was the person to call out peoples name,when she called 1 persons name they had to bob down and the people that are closer or beside them have to shoot each other and say Bang.If the other person says bang and the other person says bang before them then they are out if its a tie then they are still in.

Our next Activity was when the whole group had to face the white board and close there eyes when Miss Lily taps someone on the shoulder she tells everyone to open there eyes and walk around this was a winking game the person who is the winker has to wink at everybody he or she looks at then the get way people are out,If not then they have to stare at people and keep on walking around.

Wednesday, 4 April 2018

Main Idea's

L.I. Identify the 5 main points in an article
In reading,I worked with my partner Aung Naing together we shared Idea's and also looked in the new's paper which showed us subheadings about the gold coast,commonwealth games.
We also read information and facts about the  commonwealth games.