Monday, 27 June 2016


Crane LI: To make notes in own words using bullet points, key words and short phrases Resource Links Link 1 Link 2 Link 3 Link 4 Link 5 Habitat? Where does it live? Marshland Japanese island Hokkaido Rocks Woods Wetlands Diet? What does it eat ? Frogs Insects Seeds Leaves lfish Predators and Threats? What dangers face the crane? Foxes Large birds of prey WIldcats Owls Eagles Snakes Humans Interesting Facts? Cranes are beautiful birds because they have beautiful wings & a long beak. It also can capture other creatures that are small it has a beak. which can solow very fast to capture insects Little frogs bird seeds & also long green leaves it also bites creatures whenever it goes hunting. The view where the Cranes live is the grasslands because it is there rightful home it is full of grass water. Appearance? What does it look like? It looks like a cow because it's wings are Black & White. It's looks like the cranes are singing. They Also look like a zebra. Cranes are beautiful birds that live in the grasslands The birds are Yellow grey red white black brown. Image Links Maps, pictures Images of Beautiful Cranes Images of Red Crowned crane Today I have been working on my cranes poster I have been learning about cranes for about the past few mounts I learnt that cranes are good at hunting food and I also learnt that they live in the grasslands.

Friday, 24 June 2016

Halving groups

I have done a great job with my learning attention at maths i had to answer 2 halves in a group of
subjects his website helps me learn more on mathematics.
Next time i will try the harder ones and work on the maths task that i have got
And see my total when i have 10 points.

A half

This is a website that i go onto for mathematics the first task was halves there where subjects that where cut into halves i had to answer the right question so that i can see the total of my maths when i did a half
this was a simple maths to work on
I win and i will see how i go when i log into the maths website
The questions where easy to answer
In total got 10 Cerect answers for today.

Wednesday, 8 June 2016

Joel Grammar worksheet

1. John wanted to read a / an comic book.
2. The class went on a / an field trip.
3. He likes to read an / the short stories.
4. Lisa put a / an orange on her yogurt.
5. My mom likes making cakes from scratch.
6. My dog caught a / an stick.
7. I saw a / an otter at the zoo.
8. I quickly ate the / an cookies.
9. A / an oval is shaped like a / an egg. The igloo was cold & freezing.

Write the correct article (a / an / the) before each noun: a banana on tree.
A tree was growing out of the ground.  
An inch worm climbed on the leaf.
An eagle flew over  my house.
The people went to the beach.

A kitten scratched the furniture.