Wednesday, 23 May 2018

Skeletal Framework

Today In Inquiry Angela, Viva, Chavda, Hajera and I worked collaboratively to create a figure using Play dough and tooth pics. The first Figure we created was a flat person without bones we took pictures of our figure standing up and it falling into a blob. 

Our next figure was a person created with bones inside we took the picture of our figure then we took a picture of the bones inside. After taking all the photos we uploaded them to our drive then we went onto a website which  we made our Animated GIFs on. We chose the pictures that we wanted then our GIF was ready. 

Did you know a baby has 300 bones at birth and but by the time they are an adult they only have 206?

Read theory Grade Graph

Today for reading I tried hard on leveling up to grade 3 on read theory. I got 71% on grade 3 while answering the question on the text I was reading. I read the giants of the sea before getting my Grade leveled up. I answered all the questions and read through the text to find out what the Answer was.

Friday, 11 May 2018

Kiwi Can blog post

 In kiwi sport group,A went  out to play a game of captains ball  we had to be in 4 groups 1,2,3 and 4.In this game 1 person from each group has to be in between 4 cones in the middle the rest of the group has to get the ball to the person in the middle in order to win the game we had 5 rounds of this game.After our game we did GKQ´S for questioning we had to sit in a circle there had to be 2 people standing up and when Miss Lilly called out a question those 2 people had to answer it fast if the person in the circle does not get it they will be eliminated.

Thursday, 10 May 2018

How to survive a cow attack

For reading I made DLO on how to survive a cow attack.I read a website that told me all the tips if a cow tries to attack you.I put in some information and tips on how to survive when a cow attacks,I also added in a picture to show what I was talking about. 

The English Language

In the middle block Group,A  learnt about different kinds of Homonyms.Homonyms are words that are spelled  the same but has a different meaning like a Band as Musicians or a Band as like a head band you where on your head.I learnt about the English language and where it came from.


For Inquiry I worked on google slides learning what the meaning of MRS GREN meant.I used the 7 words to make slides all about the topic I picked Nutrition to blog because it told me all about how to survive with food and without food.I looked up on websites finding out what Nutrition meant it meant surviving having enough energy to survive.

Friday, 4 May 2018

Storyboard that-Hinehoune

For inquiry I worked with Viva we made a story board about the first women who was created.We listened to the story and we drawed the  symbols to explain what was happening.After that we made a story board to explain about the gods creating the first women.
We used characters to explain the story and backgrounds to show where the setting is.
We also wrote the story in text boxes to explain the story,Then we made it into a storyboard.