Friday, 6 July 2018

Proś and Cons of living in a lighthouse

This week my partner and I collaborated very well during this activity. In this google draw we are showing you the pro´s and con´s which is positive and negative sides of living in a lighthouse. We have written a long list of the good reasons and bad reasons why people should keep lighthouses, this is almost like a class argument which there are no rights or wrongs. Comment down below if you have a reason other that these above in the no comments. Thank you and hope you learn something from this piece of information...

Research Idea's

I have created a DLO on Research and information links this task was a database for information and codes for my Animation next term. I was going to make a animation about traveling around the Tamaki area. I am going to create my animation on Scratch is a website where people create animations for entertainment.
On these Slides you will find how to create the outcome of my animation special Materials and components and also research contents.
Hyperlinks will also be used for this DLO.
My Digital learning outcome is researching Idea's to create a featured design in my animation.
I popped in some examples of how the digital learning outcome will look like adding in a few backdrops will give the background a texture and feature.

Thursday, 5 July 2018

Lighthouse for sale

Today I have been working on a lighthouses. This time I got to find a lighthouse for sale. I have created a DLO showing the lighthouse I have used. I used features to make this lighthouse look better and to have an interesting Introduction.
For this photo I found it on a website Lighthouses for sale, I created my own sign and wave to give it an interesting texture.
I also popped in how much this lighthouse would cost and what I like about its design.
This Lighthouse is located in United kingdom its name is the Tarbat nests.

ASB Get Wise at Spending,Earning,Saving blogpost

Today Jayden from ASB Get wise company came in and talked to us about and easier way of how to save your money and spend it wisely. He also talked about Earnings like doing chores at home and earning money for your future.
He also talked about the word Budget and what it means, Budget means something thats not really expensive and your just buying junk food, Like fizzy drinks and lollies he said that if you spend your money badly your wasting all your money for the future.
We got into groups of 1,2,3,4,5, I was in group 4 in this session we played a game on how much a group spends on Flights, Passports, Insurance, Accommodation, Food, Shopping  and Activities.
How much each group spends is how much they have left the way to earn points is buy spending amount of money and saving the money that each group has left.
Each group got a point but there were budgets and expensive s to.
There were 7 options that we were instructed to do. 

Wednesday, 4 July 2018

Chicago sports team

Me,  Sanujan, Jonathan, Harlem, Nickaela  worked on Chicago sports teams. We included information  to this DLO about what the sport team plays for and 3 facts that told us key information about the sports team. My team that I worked on  was Chicago cubs, Sanujan did the White soxs, Jonathan did the black hawks, Harlem did the Chicago bulls and Nickaela worked on Chicago bears.
What we included in this DLO was Information, Facts, Uniform that the team wears, The logo and the arena they play at.
Our information was about the sport the team and the location, This was mine I read a website full of information that I wrote down in my own words.
I went on to google maps and searched for the where the Chicago Cubs play, It came up with the destination the stadium was Wrigley field, I wrote down all the information that I knew on to my slide.

Today's performance in the junior block

Today was Great we Preformed in front of the school, All preforming groups were Kapa haka,Drumming group, Ukulele group and the Cook Island group.
All groups participated really well, Every group deserved to be up in front of the school.
My favorite group was the cook Island group because they were really confident and there movement was amazing.
After our performances we went up to the tables and had a feed we were given free sausages for lunch. I thought today we great because there were heaps of great Items, There were heaps of people laughing and enjoying this day because it was fun.
Thanks to Mr Ogilvie and Whea odi, Mr Wong for preparing this day for us.

Matariki blogpost

Today I worked cooperatively with Sandra,Magenta,Fui and Florence we created a DLO about Matariki celebration. This task was about learning about the Maori New year we also found out information together and facts about what Matariki new years.
All of us watched a video clip to find out about the 6 sisters we also wrote a word summary to explain in a sentence about Matariki.
We wrote 20 interesting words down on our slide then we chose 6 most important words from out of the 20 word summary.
We communicated with each other we shared idea's with each other and collaborated with each other to put all the information that we knew.
The video helped us a lot because it explained a lot about the 6 sisters or the 7 sisters.
After our DLO we created a post that had extra info and facts we popped in pictures of the 7 sisters and a picture of Matariki.