Wednesday, 20 December 2017

Summer Learning Journey-Cybersmart

Cyber smart Ninja

Stone fields has made a video on how to be a cyber smart ninja watch and learn through there experience on Cyber smart.
Stone fields video

Summer Learning Journey

Summer Learning Journey

Kiwi's are celebrating all of the country this year.This time of the term they are Celebrating for the American world cup finals.
Which will concern that this time they are backing up New Zealand.Many people are celebrating because of this event. 

They have been  celebrating for the win of the world cup finals.

Postcard to Summer learning Journey

LI: To define what New Zealand history is

I have made a post card on New Zealand history of which what housewives use to do.
In my postcard I drawed picture's of rangitoto island.
I also wrote the history down and drawed details to make it a little more fascinating.

Summer Journey 2

Summer Learning Journey

LI: To prevent what the deal is of the century

There was a great term of destruction through out the century.
Most Constructions have been built in New Zealand each year.

Most terms  of construction sites  have been built in Dunedin, In fact Christchurch has been rewarded back there town square.In great terms of company services.
In period of time the St.Josephs cathedral has been fixed up since the last earthquake hitting New Zealand.

This term the St.Josephs cathedral is 1 of the most popular buildings in Dunedin.

Summer learning journey week 1-History about arriving in New Zealand

Summer Learning Journey 
Legends of New Zealand 
LI: To learn about how the Polynesians came to New Zealand 
It is currently believed that Polynesians Navigated across the sea to get to New Zealand.
They traveled 20 mtr to get to shore.
The size of the crew was 5-15.
They carried Banana's,Taro,Kumara,Sweet potatoes,Chickens,Pigs,Fish,Breadfruit,Yams and gourds.The history of the Polynesians saids that the tribe had arrived 700 years ago.Maui was the first man with a fish hook to try and capture a giant stingreigh.

New Zealand also believed that the Maori's shared the island with the people that came from over sea's. 
Althrough there tribe's weren't that friendly or the time.
When the British first came to New Zealand Maori's were disibaying that British were coming to New Zealand to stay. French Polynesia is in the pacific ocean it is common to France.
New Zealand-The arrival of Maori's

Friday, 15 December 2017

Video on NZ News

  • LI To use a range of comprehension strategies to go deeper into a text

For reading Mr,Ogilvie's reading groups had to get into a group of 3 or 4.
Once we got into a group of 3 or 4 we had to create a slide show on News reports.

I was partner up with Avalon,Fui. We decided who would do which topic.
I chose to do NATIONAL.They chose to do Sports and weather after we were finished filling out information we made a video on screencastify. It was only me and Avalon that had to do the video because Fui wasn't here.
We had to try multiple times until we got it right.

Free rice

LI:To Identify the learning intention of free rice and understand the meaning.
Today for my column Other,I have chosen to do free rice for other.
Free Rice is a website that  you can do maths equations or Word understanding.
For points it depends on the total amount of rice you get for each question you answer.

I did word Understanding i learn't many easy and non easy words to describe.