Thursday, 20 September 2018

Read Theory blogpost

This afternoon I went onto read theory and read wedding tradition this paragraph told me the traditional style of a wedding. I was interested about this part of tradition because every culture has a different wedding celebration or setting.  Because in NZ and Australia and places like that we have normal wedding traditions. My goal is to read more so that I can get better at my reading skills.

Read theory blogpost

This afternoon I went onto read theory to practice my reading skills. Read theory helps me a lot because it teaches me research and helps me read well. I like read theory because it helps me with my learning and helps me learn about paragraphs, research and my reading knowledge. 
My goal is to get a higher rate in read theory and get a higher progress in reading.

Tuesday, 18 September 2018

Duffy Assembly

Today in Duffy Assembly we got to meet a professional comic book artist name Michel he is a illustrator who draws comic pictures and loves reading. Today in Assembly Michel told us about his life of being a wrestler and a artist. He showed us a variety of different comic books that he has illustrated this was and inspiration for him to learn growing up in childhood. He told us about being a professional at video games and presenting New Zealand at a gaming arena in front of  20,000 people. We enjoyed learning about his childhood and representing New Zealand as a wrestler and gamer. Michel is not a big fan of fornite but is a fan of tekkan it was really great learning about his hobbies of video games and art and him trying new things.

Wheel Words

Today in Reading I practiced wheel words this was a great way to learn and practiced new words and learn the meanings of these new words. This activity helped me learned about new words and meanings. This gives me inspiration about hard words between the words that I know. 

Wednesday, 12 September 2018

Basic facts boxes to Hundred

Today in Maths I practiced my basic facts to hundred. During maths I got all answers correct this meant I was getting good at my basic facts. This went in 2 different ways one way I did addition and the other subtraction. 
This was a good way to practise my basic facts so that I don't get confused when trying other strategies. 

Read Theory Progress

Today during Writing I went onto read theory to practise my reading skills and answer questions better. This week I have been reading what is it like to be bullied by another student at school. And read the paragraph until I fully knew the answers this week my question challenges I got all right. 
My Goal is to get the questions right and read carefully through the text so that I don't get confused.

Tuesday, 11 September 2018

VR Research

Today during Maths I was picked to have a go at doing ventral reality. This was a fun and exciting activity to do because I got to build a bridge and deliver letters across a bridge that I built. I used Google cardboard to see the vision of building bridges across one side of the river to the other.
Thanks to Yvonne's team for helping us do this fun activity.