Wednesday, 8 March 2017

Maths tens frames

LI:Numbers can be added by counting on from the largest number in increments of one.
 These are examples of what we did for maths we had to use tens frames and counters we also had to
use other tens frames i wrote my maths in my book.
We had to make numbers with the counters on the 2 blank frames and use a frame with 10 dots.

Maths tens frames are easy to use for my maths. Number adds: 6+6+3+3=12  3+1+3+2=12.

Wednesday, 1 March 2017

k bar by Joel

 today i had to read a information on a site called  kiwi kid news.

Friday, 9 December 2016

Information Report

This is my Information Report about Harpy Eagle I learned about them because now I knew what they eat other things they do.

Car Puzzle Transum

This is a game that is a Puzzle game the red car goes to the end and the Green Cars Has to go the slides so that the red car can go past them.

Can Do - Table Master

This is Table Master that I did for Can Do I did 2 Times because it was easy for me to do so that I can get Better with my Maths.

Blog Commenting

This is my Commenting On Angari's Blog and Chavda's Blog I said Good Job Because They Finished Their Must Do's This Week.

Thursday, 8 December 2016

LS1 bean bag throwing

Today I went on to a Google sheets it was called HOW ACCURACY IS LS1 AT THROWING A BEAN BAG. I WORKED WITH RACHEL AND VAHOI THEY HELPED ME WITH THE MEASURING we had to use a bucket and a cone and a bean bag.I MADE A GRAF THAT WILL SHOW HOW MANY PEOPLE HAVE LESS AND HIGHEST SCORES.If someone gets it in the bucket they win. My task was to write how much everyone got so we tested 3 people tai,Ta'ani and Tiava.