Tuesday, 22 October 2019

Summarising the Main Ideas

This week for current events we found an article and summarize the main ideas. After we summarized, to make it more succinct, we turned it into a 10 syllable and 5 sentences summary. In this current events Sakina, Sela, Haylee and I worked as a group and selected 1 of the topics which was “When the All Blacks defeated Ireland”.

Article Here

Keyword Summary
Keywords from the title
Keywords from 
sub- headings
New words I need to look up
World cup
World cup 

Summarizing Text
Write down 20 important words from the text 
Allblacks, Ireland, Teams, World Cup- 2019, Beaten, Rugby, Penalty, Tournament, Victory, Recover, Scored, Results, Defeat,
Scintillating, Players, Semi finals, New Zealand,Disappointing, quarter finals
Chose the 6 most important words.
Allblacks, Ireland, World cup, Defeated, quarter finals, Tokyo
Use those 6 words to write sentences
The All Blacks defeated Ireland in the 2019 World Cup quarter finals in Tokyo,Japan. 
Writing 5 sentences / 10 syllables 

New Zealand has run away with the victory and defeated Ireland  in the quarter finals. 
The All Blacks won from  46-14. 
The main scores were scored by the All blacks.
The Irish team were disappointed about their kick off in the game.
The All Blacks are now in the semi finals playing against England  later on in Tokyo.

10 syllables
New - Zealand-has-defeated-Ireland.
The- All -Blacks -won- from- 46-14. 
The- main -scores -were scored -by -the- All-blacks 
The- Irish- team -were- disappointed. 
The- All -Blacks- are- now- in- the -semi- finals -playing- against- England - later- on- in -Tokyo.

Wednesday, 16 October 2019

T4W1- Explanation, Empathy, Tolerence, Qualities, Kindness

Is Mocking someone else's culture alright, no, people have their own belief and Religion and respecting and showing values of their culture is the best choice to make. How would you feel if someone barged into your house or temple of worship and made a nasty comment about your culture, Showing Empathy to them is like putting yourself into their shoes. Empathy is a strong word and means to put someone else first who is living a life where they are not able to show themselves or to share their culture.

Do you know someone who is experiencing Cultural effects- For example, A new person comes to a school which has only light coloured skin students. During Morning Tea a group of students from year 6 to 7 approach the new person and start humiliating them by making comments about who they are. Meanwhile, another student comes into the problem and attempts to use empathy by using a proper explanation to convince the bullies that mocking a culture is never ok. Think about it, the life effect on that 1 person. That single pupil would ́t ever want to go to school because of the less welcoming that they were given.

So why is Empathy important? Empathy can help cultural communities live in safer places. Mainly places where foul language is not used, less Mocking more empathy. Because being in a country where they only allow 1 colour can change everything but standing up for what is right can make a huge difference to many peoples lives.

This Week In Writing we are continuing to write explanations, This time our topic is based on values- The 4 values that we are focusing on is, Kindness, Empathy, Tolerance, Qualities. Our first task was to plan for 5 minutes then write for 40 minutes. While I was writing my explanation I kept on looking at my notes to ensure that I included, formal language, Punctuation- To make sure I marked the punctuation in the write places, Rhetorical question, Technical vocab + powerful words and last by not least TIIC which is the main part of this explanation. This Explanation that I wrote was based on Empathy and Cultural belief and why we should respect others opinion and thoughts- Belief.  After 40 minutes of writing I did 5 minutes of drafting, I fixed up a few mistakes but during the proof reading stage I realized that what I´ve wrote included all main points that I needed. Next time I need to work on not including to much information about the topic.

Tuesday, 15 October 2019

Early Maori Enterprise

    1. Maori were the first to exchange items.
    2. Maori traded with hapu and iwi.
    3. They also created markets of food. 
    4. Whanau would also make kai-moana. 
    5. Maori started exchanging years ago.
    In Inquiry our focus is on early Maori enterprise, Our task was to create 5 sentences and summarize them. In small groups, Taheesha, Miiana, Sakina and I summed up 3 sentences using our notes + 2 website links. Once the 5 sentences were completed our next task was to use syllables in our 5 sentences.

Wednesday, 11 September 2019

International News- Mapping

This week Haylee and I  started our current events but this time we are mapping the events that take place world wide or international news. We used the same 12 current event sequences to help us make decisions about the international stories that are published world wide. One of the stories that we have chosen to include in our world map was about a- Teen mum who murdered her 4 month old baby, The court is making hard decisions whether they should charge her or she shouldn´t go into custody for the  wrong reasons. The Exemplars that we used as a showcase of information were Kiwi kids news, Radio New Zealand and New Zealand herald. This Map is an Example of what our task was, We plotted the everyday continuing stories that happen internationally, In these 12 countries and cities.

Wednesday, 4 September 2019

Provocation and Opinion

A provocation is an action or speech that attracts strong feelings about the topic. This Weeks topic is about Energy drinks and this topic is related to current events. As was recently showcased on social media countdown has announced that energy drinks will no longer be sold due to the under aging of younger people buying Energy products. I created a DLO to show the 2 sides of the story and give points of view, I agree that countdown should stop selling Energy drinks because it contains more than 5g of sugar.

Exploring our national current events

News Editors make decisions everyday about which current event stories they will run. We explored the different types of current events that are happening in NZ. I worked with Haylee, Fui and Sakina.
The current that we chose were stated at each point of New Zealand from Christchurch to Auckland.
Their were 12 main literary awareness's that we looked for in the events that we read on National News. To explain were the events to place we plotted them on google maps.

Explanation: Should New Zealand ban plastic straws?

You may not agree with me, but I believe that plastic straws should be banned from all facilities including supermarkets. Plastic straws has been an issue for years and I totally agree that factories should stop producing the number of plastic straws. Think about all the harm that people are causing without even noticing. Can't you see that our wild/marine life is suffering because of our ignorant actions. How would you feel if you were a poor animal with no voice? Plastic straws take 500 years to break down into micro plastic.

Did you know 65,000 straws are thrown away each year? Plastic straws are usually found in public areas, but mostly at beaches. People are getting upset, confused and mad because of the amount of plastic straws that are being thrown away after one use.
What is happening to people's minds?, This is ridiculous, disgusting and gross. Why use plastic straws when we have a lot of other choices to choose from? Would you rather save our animals or leave them to die? You tell me. Straws can be a great use, but think about it? Losing an animal is like losing a loved one. 

I feel so annoyed when I hear that plastic straws end up in our oceans, especially with our marine animals.
So think about the number of damages we are causing, because of the plastic straws that we use everyday. I as a proud New Zealander take my stand and fight on behalf of the animal welfare community! What can we do? How can we stop it? Now you tell me!