Wednesday, 16 August 2017

The amazing amazon

Today i was reading this book it is so good it is going to be my best book this is a good book for my leaning and it is good to let people no it is a good book to read because it  the best book for people who will enjoin it so much.


LI: To use an apostrophe for contractions

I have been learning about Contractions and how i can shorten up 2 words.
Because when you have a sentence like - I am a cool kid at school.You can shorten the sentence and make the (I am) - I'm.

Kiwi Can

Today at kiwi can we learn that that self control is about managing yourself. We learned to play games that are competitive and we played a game that we had to make up some actions for our catchphrase.And another game was that we had to peal of the orange’s Skin and then once all of the skin is gone then you had to share the orange and once you're finished the orange you had to put your hands on you head.


LI: To use an apostrophe for contractions.
i played this activity called contractions first we had to make a word into one word then i had to put a ' and take out some of the words

Fact or Opinion

LI:To separate fact from Opinion 
I did a google draw on fact and Opinion.
Fact means something that is true and Opinion is something that you think about.
I did by working on a google draw with my partners Alayah and Hosea.

Click here to watch 
Selling air

Tuesday, 15 August 2017

Maths week

LI:To identify Maths and what we have learnt on Maths week.
I have been on maths week i have been doing the activities and learning progress.
I have been managing myself to get points in the maths games.

Fact and Opinion

LI: To separate fact from Opinion 
I had to work with my group on this draw we had to watch a video about a mouse on sale.Then we had to write the fact and opinion on this google draw.