Monday, 17 December 2018

Forest life- Weekly challenges

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It would be fascinating to visit Tane Mahuta because I would get to learn more about this tall tree that stands in the Waipoua forest. It would be interesting to visit this place where many tree's surround me with nature and its environment. In fact you can find kauri tree's in Auckland, Coromandel and up in the north island. It is considered that these tree's grow here because of the nature that surrounds  with many different plants and birds.  

Part- 3 activity- Ice Ice Baby

Well we all know that the Antarctic is the coldest place on earth well not the only place. It is 1 of the very most coldest continent on this planet it is home to most of the animals that live in cold habitats. It hasn't in the antarctic for 2 million years thats 730000000 days.  A few scientist visited Antarctica to study its temperature including animals and platforms of ice there. 

Activity- 3 - Smart searching


How to be Cyber smart online

First step 

Make sure that your account is locked so that nobody can hack into your account. 
This is important so that your work, Password, Files can't be deleted this is called being cyber safety .

When your online is a good idea to be on the right site because if you are on the wrong site the teacher or caregiver can see your history and what you have been doing while online. It is also a good idea to to stay on task during learning time because it helps you learn more about being Cyber smart. 

Online texting
Make sure that if your texting someone be sure if its someone you know or seen either if its your parents, Teachers or friends it is always good to keep yourself safe. This is called Messaging strangers that you don't even know that well.
Well messaging strangers is unsafe because they might find out where you are from what age you are what you look like and your personality. 
Make sure that your parents know what you are doing because if they don't what you are doing then it is possible that you aren't being cyber safety. 

What is Cyber safety? 

Cyber safety is a time when your searching up websites that don't include inappropriate labels or sites. This is called been cyber smart but being cyber safety is being smart about what you search up or who your sharing your private information to.  

I learnt this from the information that is written on weekly activities. This has told me a lot
about being cyber smart. That's why during learning time I always stay on task. This helps me stay cybersmart. 

Activity 2- Hometown Auckland

Summer Learning Journey 

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Hi my name is Joel and I live in Panmure Auckland. The real question is what is so special about my hometown. In my community we have an amazing school which we do digital learning on smart devices. We also have the park down at Dunkirk. Dunkirk is the name of the war that happened a long time ago. Most of all we have an amazing view from the school which shows the tamaki eatery. What is more important about my home town is about the panmure bridge that was built in 1864 this was the first bridge to be made. Its material was constructed out of wood. After years of construction the bridge was finally opened to public. After all the years of constructing the bridge the panmure bridge became unstable. This is important part of Panmure history.  


Top 3 fun facts about New Zealand

Today I started my first activity on the summer learning journey. I learnt that New Zealand is a special place because of the story that tells about the north island and the south island. 
This is an important piece of information because it is part of history I am really enjoying this first activity. If you read the facts down the bottom you will see the top 3 that I picked I thought these facts were interesting because it  talks a lot about the legend behind Maui's story. 
Fact 1 
Did you know New Zealand is a special place it is where Maui fished up the south north island.
Fact 2
Did you know that the north island is referred to as Te Ika a Maui that is the meaning for Maui's fish. 
Fact 3
Did you know that Maui created the hook from the jawbone of his grandmother. 

Wednesday, 12 December 2018

Round the Bays

This DLO talks about round the bays it explains why round the bays is so popular (But why is round the bays so popular?) Probably because of the way it was setup or probably people were interested in what was going on. Round the bays is so popular because of its population of 25,000 people who participated 2016 to right about now. I chose this activity because it was really interesting to find out why and how has round the bays become so popular over the years. This DLO tells more about how people develop there strength and skills why 25,000 people participated and took part in this event.  

Team challenge- research about a famous kiwi inventor

Today we did a team challenge which included only 4 people in each group. Our topic that we researched about was a famous kiwi inventor. As a group Nyjah, Magenta, Chavda and me agreed on the same inventor which was Bill Hamilton. We created a DLO to show how this inventor created the first jet boat. The first jet boat that was created was named after Bill Hamilton last name. We created our own characters to show a conversation between a reporter and Bill Hamilton. Today the Hamilton jet is displayed at the maritime museum.