Friday, 4 August 2017

Let me tell you Something about lunchtimes at P.B.S

LI:To think about how i can word/Phrase my ideas so there clear.

I have done some Writing on Let me tell you something about... for this we had to grab and book and pen then work in buddies.
My pear was Sandra.We had to write something about Lunchtimes and P.B.S.
We had to complete our sentences in a minute.
Once the minute was over we had to read the class our sentences and our blurb about lunchtimes.
When we finally got through everyone's Blurbs we had to tell our partner about our sentences.

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  1. HI Joel
    I like you work i have did this task is wall. I liked it so much you did really wall on it.i hope you and me can do it together.