Tuesday, 26 September 2017

Recount Planner-Recount editing

Recount Planner 

Recount planner (TREE) Title Treasure Hunt Reveal (orientation) Group of 3 Group member’s name School classrooms Go on a scavenger hunt Find a secret phase Events We had to go to room 1 We had to go to the office . We had to go to LS2 to get the answer. The 1 answer was wars. The 2 answer was is. The 3 answer was awesome. When had to solve the clue. We had 3 clues to wright down. We looked at the clue again. `` We had to read the clue’s to get the answer’s. Ending At the end we had to get the last clue and then it would say go back to LS1 and see if your answer where right and then we had to do our work.We also had to double check if the answers were correct if they were we had to get on with our work. "This week we did a Scavenger hunt","We had to get into a group of 3".My group was Joel, Ellenora, Sandra." The teacher told us to go out to find the clues".Then we had been given a clue the first clue was Tahi.We figured out the first clue was wars.We had to go to room 1 so we ran to room 1 as fast as we can. “Then we got it correct”. so then we had got the other clue that was we had to go to the office.Then we ran to the office and then we got it it was is was correct.”So we had the next clue that said to go to a LS2”.So we ran so slow to LS2 then we had finished and it had told us to go back to the teacher to check it then was correct. "We got all of the answers correct and told us we came 3rd so then we had to take a rest and then we had to wait for the other groups to finish the scavenger hunt".Then some of the group did not get it right at all but some of us did.    

LI: To write a recount of an activity.
LI: To edit a recount of an activity.

I have edited my Recount planner to make sure that it has Capital letters,Full stops and Punctuation marks that explain what we where doing or saying.
My recount was about a Scavenger hunt that me and my group had to go on.We had to find clues and secret phrases.

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