Friday, 4 May 2018

The unfinished drink

For poetry we learnt about the history of the unfinished drink.We also learnt about the history of La tour Mollet d' auvergna and why he said to the public to take care of his drink.

Me and Magenta worked together to complete our DLO so we added pictures in maps of the bar location and the memorial of La tour Mollet auvergna.


  1. Greetings Joel
    The detail that you added was great and it tells me about what the unfinished drink is.l really like how you added some pitchers so we could see what the bottle looked like. l think you could have made your sentence more longer and added more to your blurb to tell people what you have learnt.Did you ever know what this was or if they was a story like this.
    Great Job and Keep it up.