Wednesday, 20 December 2017

Summer learning journey week 1-History about arriving in New Zealand

Summer Learning Journey 
Legends of New Zealand 
LI: To learn about how the Polynesians came to New Zealand 
It is currently believed that Polynesians Navigated across the sea to get to New Zealand.
They traveled 20 mtr to get to shore.
The size of the crew was 5-15.
They carried Banana's,Taro,Kumara,Sweet potatoes,Chickens,Pigs,Fish,Breadfruit,Yams and gourds.The history of the Polynesians saids that the tribe had arrived 700 years ago.Maui was the first man with a fish hook to try and capture a giant stingreigh.

New Zealand also believed that the Maori's shared the island with the people that came from over sea's. 
Althrough there tribe's weren't that friendly or the time.
When the British first came to New Zealand Maori's were disibaying that British were coming to New Zealand to stay. French Polynesia is in the pacific ocean it is common to France.
New Zealand-The arrival of Maori's


  1. Hi Joel,

    You have found out some awesome information about how the Polynesian people travelled to New Zealand. Good work! I think it's very interesting how the crew was 5-15 people. That's not very many!

    Just a reminder that the activity asked you to read a story about Maui and then tell us three facts from that story. Here is the link to the story:
    Once you have read the story and come up with 3 facts you can post them here on the comments section so I can see what you came up with!

    I look forward to reading more of your blog.

  2. Greetings Joel
    I really love your blog post. You are doing very well doing your first ever activity.... KEEP IT UP!!

  3. Kia Ora Joel

    My name is Jolie and I go to Glen innes School. I am also doing the Summer Learning Journey which means that I can see your awesome work. This is great I love every bit about it. Keep up the great work :)