Tuesday, 5 December 2017

Commenting on other Maths blog post

Hello Charlize,

Your work looks excellent,I have answered some of your questions but some of them were a bit difficult.The 2nd question was ,Max has 8 pies he buys 14 more how many pies altogether.

The answer would be 21 because

8+14= 21

The 3rd question was Jake drank 4 quarters of 12 water bottle how many water bottles were left.
The Answer would be 8 because

Some of the other Questions were a bit harder so i only got 2 right.
Well done Charlize I think you done a good job because you change some of the hard maths too make it even more harder.

Keep up the work.

Last week Mr Ogilvie,Maths groups had to work with a partner to create a DLO.

Our DLO was going to be a quiz for people to answer questions on when we blog it.

But this week we had to comment on peoples maths questions.We had to answer them and figure out a way of how to solve them.

Some of these Questions were Easy and some were not.

My partner was Liane and we had to comment on someones Blog post.

We had chosen to work on Charlize's Maths quiz.

Her Questions were a bit hard but some were quite easy to solve.

Nearly me and my partner thought that some of them were right.

Some of these question were Subtraction,Multiplication,Addition and fractions.

Some of the results were a bit confusing but the quiz was excellent. 

We also Had to make a Google document to explain our example of what we did for commenting on another person's blog post.

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